What to love in K-On! ep. 08: Azusa! Azu-nyan! AZUSA~ [Pic Spammage!]

KOn_08_04.png picture by fireflylights

AZUSA!!!!!111!!!11oneone *glompage*

If there’s one thing to really love about this episode, you’ve got it right up there ^^

BEWARE: Pic Spammage!

Lately, K-On! has been criticized as a failure of an excuse to put moeblobs together in one show and it being a redundance. Is that right? Hell no! Moetard or not(well, I’m not XP), I don’t think it’s acceptable for them to call it that.

True, K-On! might be pathethic but it’s still a fun watch huh? Btw, despite all the craziness and obviously unserious things that I’ve put up with this post, I really can’t wait to find time to make a post on how much K-On! can irritate me. 😛

So must you know, I both love and hate K-On! at the same time.

It’s just natural fun; slice of life, remember? If you can’t handle watching it then don’t, no one asked you to. This show is win for me x3

So you think K-On! episode 8 is all that huh? Then you’re wrong! Why else would I spend time doing a pic spammage post?!Why? Because K-On! ep. 8 is awesomeness. And why is that exactly? Here’s a few reasons why.

KOn_08_01_01.png picture by fireflylights

– Ui got accepted! What does that mean? More Ui screentime! lmao. You awesome imouto, you!

KOn_08_03.png picture by fireflylights

While their parents have been constantly absent from their daily lives(well, as far as we can see), for the first time, Yui is the one acting like an overjoyed parents because her daughter passed the exams.

Is it just me or does Mio look like a stalker in the bg? *looks around* Oh yeah, it’s just me.

KOn_08_04.png picture by fireflylights

And look, there’s another girl that got in! Who is she? Azusa! :3

lmao. Hey, I’m damn-straight but I still love Azusa. I guess it’s because everytime I see her my onee-chan mode is activated? It’s like I want to glomp her, dress her up and stuff! 8D

KOn_08_05.png picture by fireflylights

So Ritsu, Yui and Tsumugi are in the same class! That’s fun. What about Mio then?

KOn_08_01_02.png picture by fireflylights


I’ve just been reminded of my current situation. Yep, I too just found out that I’m separated from my friends who are technically in the same classes while I’m… alone. And what’s worse? Our classrooms are a building and a field apart. T____T

So Mio ends up being separated from the gang who’s all in class 2 while she’s in class 1. *pats Mio* Don’t worry, I’m in the same situation too…!

KOn_08_01_03.png picture by fireflylightsRitsu = WIN 8D

Now that’s what we call a natural! XP Really, Ritsu stays as my favorite along with Azusa 😆

Ritsu optimism is win! 😉

OMG. Ui!

The seifuku looks nice on her no? Well, I think it does to everyone…

No seriously, who wouldn’t want a sister(who cares who’s older or younger) like Ui?

Mou.. now I wish I had an onee-chan or imouto like her. T3T Then I could be all lazy… rofl. Ui’s the type of character that’s s dependable and responsible in any situation. Not enough? Well too bad for you!

Poor Mio! To be separated from your friends is such a big frustration!

*is reminded of her own situation*

At least they’re just a floor apart while my friends and I are a building and field apart. T___T

Oh? It’s hard to believe that somebody that beautiful can be such a loner.

*is somewhat reminded of self except the beautiful part*

Now I’m wondering, why don’t people try to talk to her? It’s either because they don’t care or too busy gossiping or.. Wait, why is it only now that I realize that this is an all-girls school!? I’m sure that if this was a co-ed school, the first people who’d go rampage on Mio would be boyzz. But then fate can be cruel for these guys.. Awww.

All the Mio moeness is a killer! –Not For the Miotards, that is.

It’s not that I’ve gotten used to KyoAni giving us too much Mio moe just because many fanboys like it but some moeness here and there wouldn’t hurt.. hopefully.

Finding out what your club’s selling point is wasn’t always an easy job..

yet it would be even harder if…



..you scare people by wearing scary and freaky animal costumes while handing out flyers to advertise your club.

Oh pls, KyoAni! Can’t you be so random!? 😆 I don’t know but to me, this is total WIN and FAIL at the same time XP

Evil chicken on loose!

-* *-

So again, who is the reason why I was motived to make a PIC SPAMMAGE?

Random Person: Tsumugi?

Me: Nahh.

Random Person: Yui?

Me: `Sup yo, too bad it ain’t.

Random Person: Mio?

Me:  Mio moe is nice but not enuffffff

Random Person: Ritsu?

Me: Nope.

Random Person: Ui?

Me: No…

Random Person: THEN JUST WHO? *RAEG*


Me:  Azusa, of course! *smacks Random Person*

Seriously, why is Azu-nyan so freakin’ adorable!? *glomps*

So you may have guessed right now that Azusa is my favorite character in the series and probably, I had enough reasons why. Hmm? 😀

Yui fanboys loved Meido Yui. Imaryt?


This defies every law of gravity. :O

*puts up an attempt to reasonably put this image here*

WTF. Is Yui that much of a dojikko? XP

Oh God, no!

This is why Ui is so win even though Yui is cute. tsk.tsk.

Lol@ Ritsu!

Really, I can’t see any difference between her and one of my best friends. XP

So far, before Azusa came in, Ritsu has been my favorite character eversince. I always reason out that it’s because of her personality but ain’t that true? Isn’t Ritsu’s personality win? If you say no, stfu.

Oh my, Tsumugi!

I’m really getting yuri vibes from Tsumugi right now. Meh, it’s always the goody-good-good character who turns out like that XD

If you’ve seen the manga then I assume you’ve seen even weirded thoughts of our dear Tsumugi *slash* Yuri-lover.

MOE MOE KYUN anyone?!

Don’t hesitate, I know you’ve been waiting for this!

*puts up another acceptably good reason why she put Azusa screenshots*

lmao. It’s like I want to learn how to vector everytime I see Azusa XD

And why is that random girl always in the way of a perfect Azusa screencap!?

Ara~ Ara~ Everything can be so random when it comes to slice of life shows, and one of these situations happen in K-On! too. 8DDD

The jump of victory!

Azusa taking a peek of the K-On! clubroom~

Argghhh. Why must random girl have more screenfit?

Yui moment of the week.

Pssshhh.Moe Mio, AGAIN?
Wow, KyoAni, you really love stuffing moe to fans faces huh?

Lol as always, Sawa-chan xD
You know what, even though Sawako says that she’s only doing those things for the girls because she’s the club advisor, I think she really care for them despite her uhmmm.. demeanor.

*puts up a reason to put Azusa pics here*

Yui and Mio moment was cute but seriously.. ” My Love is a Stapler”?
I thought Mio was supposed to be even more awesome and can think of even better titles?
Her imagination is boundless XP

Jiiii~♪ Azusa!!!!
Omfg, she’s just so ah-dorable~ <33
Now this is natural moe.

Yui’s expression is epic WIN! X3
Though honestly, if I were there [haha, in my dreams] I’d probably get weirded out too. Especially if I also saw that horrible animal-cosplay of somesort. D8 That was just ghh..

That’s right folks, Azusa officially joins the K-On! club.

Ritsu glompage/raep anyone!?

Nekomimi~ <33
Now I can’t wait for the next episode!!

I feel like an idiot now for acting so hyped up in this episodic post. XP And look how many screencaps I took just because of that excitement! Like I’ve been saying, I can’t wait for more Azusa in the next 5 episodes left for the show. No matter how many criticisms this show gets, I still love it so ❤ Now I wonder.. will Azusa be included in the OP and/or ED already? If not, I’ll be sad… t^t  😆

One thing I hope for Azusa is that because she’s tsundere, I hope KyoAni don’t overexaggerate on that like what they’re doing now to Mio because it’s annoying. Sheesh. I really love Azusa from what I’ve read in the manga and it’ll be too much PHAIL if they ruin her image with that. Don’t you agree?


2 Responses to “What to love in K-On! ep. 08: Azusa! Azu-nyan! AZUSA~ [Pic Spammage!]”

  1. 1 Lea May 27, 2009 at 2:30 am


    I got Azusa, and enough Ui screen time for me to be happy this week.

    Yay for K-On shaping up at last~ *throws streamers*

    No no~ They can’t overexaggerate the tsundereness. She’s fine the way she is~! I agree. :’3

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