Hatsukoi Limited 07: This is why ‘Honesty’ is a must in a relationship

While this ain’t exactly one of my favorite episodes as Dobashi and Terai are far from being my OTP for Hatsukoi Limited, interesting parts were included that made me enjoy it.

I was supposed to include this post in my weekly anime post to be done um..tomorrow(?) but I preferred it to be a separate post because I had some things I want to blog about. ^w^ Like I said, the episode won’t be a big hit for me and I think for you guys too if those parts that I was talking about wasn’t included. It’s not like I’m bashing the Dobashi x Terai pair – actually, I find them a cute pair too BUT there’s not much depth and interest in these two…imo.

It’s great that there’s much development on these two on this episode; you know, the kiss.. hand holding and more..? Yup, that’s right. It looks adorable to me but not yet to the point that I’ll fangirl about it. Sadly, I just can’t see it in these two. In conclusion, they’re good, they’re fit but that isn’t enough to make me feel doki-doki♥ .

I’m jealous. T^T

You see, I live in a country near the equator, meaning no snow. That is why I envy people who live in places where they is snow. Enough said.

Anyways, sad truth aside, I really smiled when watching this part. Yes, envy is still there D: Don’t you think it’s fun seeing people playing in the snow~? (Inner self: It’s more fun if you’re the one playing in the snow :O) I really went kyaaa~ when I saw Kei’s flashback of Kusuda playing in the snow. Yey for my OTP! <33 *cheers*

I lol’ed at Kei’s reaction when Dobashi said that the megane-kun(whose name is Terai) is her boyfriend. Awww. Kei is jealous that Dobashi already has a boyfriend~ See, this is why you shouldn’t be so tsuntsun about your feeling to coughKusudacough already!

It’s true though, what Kei said to Dobashi; she’s such a closed-book that sometimes you can’t tell what she’s thinking/feeling! Poor poor Terai~ D: She should open up more, don’t you think~? It’s like she can notice if soemthing’s wrong with others but not to herself..

Anyone lol’ed again when Dobashi said that she was being scolded by someone who doesn’t even have a boyfriend yet. xP I sure did. XD

So that guy with the glasses is Terai. ^__^

Moving on.. UGHH. Why are boys so biased to girls when it comes to their looks? I wouldn’t really be offended if I heard this coming out of a hawt guy’s mouth but those two? UGH. Please NO! I doubt those two have ever experienced this so-called true love.

Okay, now why am I being that offensive when it comes to that topic? The reason why is beyond my understandings *sigh*

The story between how Dobashi and Terai became a couple wasn’t so sweet at all. Yes, I’m being very blunt with this. To be even more blunt and frank, they’re boring me out – seriously.  The issue is not related to the doki-doki scenes but somehow, I felt as if Dobashi didn’t care; like them going out was just a spur of the moment..! So if you go on with my pairing list according to how much I like them, this would be the order. (most liked on top ^^)

  • Kei x Kusuda
  • Misaki x Yuuji (Arihara)
  • Nao x Yukito Still not shown but I liked them in the manga. Plus, who cares about Sogabe? Not me.
  • Rika x Terai
  • Meguru x Takei

See where they are on the list? Second to the last. It’s still sort of a good thing though.. it’s totally not as worse as I think of the last pairing. XP Since Dobashi x Terai isn’t that bad; it just lacks something.

How unexpected..? Still, funny dream of his XD It wasn’t supposed to be funny but it was for me X3

I didn’t even get why he dreamnt of this when there isn’t any hint that Dobashi hates him. Maybe he thinks that way but really, you think she hates you just because she doesn’t hold-hands with you or something? Hasn’t it entered your mind that she would’ve broke up with you long ago if she did?

That’s my bitchy side coming out but I kind of understand what he’s feeling. Just like what Kei said earlier, if Dobashi doesn’t open up to him, it’d just make him feel bad because he wouldn’t be able to know what to do. Poor Terai~

@ Koyoi and her yuri moment XD

lmao, again with something unexpected XD It seems to me that Bessho-kun over there is jealous of his imouto now XDD I wonder why she doesn’t notice that what she’s wearing is so revealing?

Opposite of Misaki, I want an older sister. It’s not like I hate my cute-little-imouto-who-I’m-sometimes-envious-at but somehow, I just want to have an older sister who I can rely to. xP Funny, but the person that is acting like an older-sister to me is my gay cousin. lol.

Oh look, it’s Ayumi! What I’m sometimes confused about is that she’s most likely the main heroine here but she rarely gets focus on her own story. Her story which I’m also annoyed at.. because why keep giving older-Zaitsu false hopes? If she was able to beat him up *refer to episode 1* then why can’t she just reject him than giving him false hopes?

I agree that I’m also somewhat weirded out or scared by older-Zaitsu (what’s his name again?) but still, I pity him for that. 😛

Unlike how others say, I don’t really think that Ayumi is that annoying. She’s fine but she could do better with her attitude. *nods*

On the account, [spoiler] I really wish they won’t make the ending the same as the manga. At least make Ayumi and Mamoru end up together or something? I hated how the manga ended because it was too open-minded. *grunts* An anime-original ending would be preferred but let’s just see how this goes.. [/spoiler]

OMG YES!!!!!!!!!111one <333333


When I was talking about some scenes earlier that made this episode better, this was what I was talking about. Awwws how cute ne~? I really love it that they added this in the anime. Heehee ;)) It’s so fun to see that both of them wore what each other gave to school! *cheers* And lookie, they both said the same things!

It so obvious already! X3

Ara~ This is really why I love these two! Kei x Kusuda FTW!!!!! >:3

*inserts a picture of Dobashi and Terai’s kiss to make up with all the rantings*

So… they’re the first and only couple to share a kiss in this series. That’s one thing that you’ll be reminded of when you hear the Dobashi x Terai pairing! Despite all the rantings I made about this couple, I thought that the scene was cute~ No, not really fangirl-y cute but giggly cute and that’s totally fine. ^-^v

Now, if only the other pairs will have a kiss to.. IF ONLY. JC Staff are you listening!?


Seeing as the Misaki x Arihara pair is my second OTP, I’m just far too excited for this episode to come!! lol, the title of the episode really suits it! xDDD

Ahh I can’t wait for the next episode~


2 Responses to “Hatsukoi Limited 07: This is why ‘Honesty’ is a must in a relationship”

  1. 1 thezean May 31, 2009 at 8:53 am

    It is good but I’m not too fond of this Dobashi x Terai pair. =(
    It was a fine episode though it’s not attention-grabbing or something. Yes.. one reason why I bothered with this episode is the KeixKusuda momentum. 😛

    I can’t wait for the next too! X)

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