K-On! ep. 09 – Has Mio been dethroned? Yes or No?

With K-On! episode 9 showing more of an Azusa-centric vibe, and people looking like they enjoyed it.. does that mean that Azusa will be the next Mio?

Yep, no image spam right now because I’m lazy. If you want image spam go here or here. 😉

I honestly don’t care whoever gets to be on top. Whether it be Mio or Azusa, it’s fine. All I can’t take is too much moe. Geez. KyoAni!! Why did you make Azusa so moe!? D:< RAEG

So what do you think?

However, what I enjoyed in this episode is that Azusa is actually  bringing up what this show is supposed to be about. No, not lazying around and being such moeblobs but actually doing some practicing! Also, it was fun to see Mio’s mature side back even just for a bit; also how insecure she got about Azusa. lmao xD


6 Responses to “K-On! ep. 09 – Has Mio been dethroned? Yes or No?”

  1. 1 Snark May 31, 2009 at 4:23 am

    They’ve cloned Mio! Was one Mio not enough!? The world is doomed!!

  2. 2 iCAFEsuu May 31, 2009 at 6:41 am

    Gah, I know right? They made Azusa way too moe = . =. Hopefully Kyoani wont over factor it~ Hmm while a few people think Azusa is just some Mio clone, the rest LOVE Azusa, and practically threw Mio away. =w=;
    Despite the fact Azusa finally tried to convince them to practice, I wonder how long it will last XD;; All I want to see is a decent live -w-. lolll Mio’s definitely jealoussss~

  3. 3 thezean May 31, 2009 at 8:58 am


    Come on, moeblob or not, you have to admit, Azusa’s adorable~! But still, Kyoani makes her looks even more of a moeblob and that is so not good. 8|

    Haha, be jealous Mio! >:]

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