Pandora Hearts chapter 18: “..Her being like that seems so dazzling to me, but sometimes.. it also makes me feel bitter.. but she’s warm”

Oh god GIL, you smexy little thing, you just captured my heart even more~

Because this chapter is important, I decided to make a post on it, yes? Oz x Alice FTW :3

Why I am overhyped right now over this chapter~? The answer is untold; again, why? Because there’s no reason to be not overhyped about this chapter! I couldn’t say that it was what we’re all waiting for but it’s what I’m waiting for – at the moment, at least. This chapter is all about the beginning, the beginning of an adventure to rescue this important person who we, readers, all know. There are parts of this chapter that captured me so much that I didn’t give a damn to some of the other parts including Chesire cat, Break and Sharon. XP *guilty pleasure of Oz x Alice~*

Actually, I didn’t quite understand the parts where Chesire cat, Break and Sharon are involved.. perhaps I should reread again? Meh.

In accordance to that, the title is from a dialouge of Oz’s which I found my favorite and the most meaningful in this chapter. If you look at the speech closely, of course while seeing the page it feels like you’re being sucked into their world and you feel how Oz feels as he’s saying this. It’s no drama, no tears yet it’s so full of emotion – yet this emotion is unknown, for now. Readers who’ve read this beyond this 18th chapter may have already discovered what this emotion may be but is it really the emotion that Oz bears or…?

I liked this chapter so much that when I saw in mangaupdates that it was released already, I hurriedly went to the site of the scanlator to download it! It was only a short moment until I realized that this was the chapter that I was awaiting for..

Honestly, I don’t know how much this series captured me and this time it’s not because of some hope for possible romance but because of the way things go! Though I do admit that I’m still hoping for that ^^ And another thing that is important in this is who..?

JACK, of course!!! <333

If you still have no clue on who he is (oh come on it’s so duhduhdohhh obvious XD), then you’d have to wait and see for the next. Nyahahaha~ >:3

Important Points of the Chapter:

  • Jack reveals his identity to Gil.
  • The Chesire cat tells Oz something that Break has also said which has bothered him and he gets dazed.
  • Oz is saved from Chesire’s attack by Jack. Jack tells Chesire that he cannot kill Oz.
  • Jack and Oz finally meet. (Although, Oz still doesn’t know Jack’s really identity; all he remembers is that this person was a part of Alice’s memories)
  • Jack states that he wants to help Alice because she’s a special person to him and he wants Oz’s help.
  • Oz tells Jack how important she is to him and… he wants to stay by her side

Note: Oh btw, everything below is purely my thoughts on the chapter, is that alright? XP

Waaahh~ Poor Alice T^T ;;_______________;;

I wanna hug her like a doll~ >.< but I’ll leave that to Oz ;D

I really can’t imagine how she must’ve felt being so alone. That’s one thing in this world that’s can’t be easily avoided; you may been born rich or something and is able to do anything, it’s a worthless when you’re all alone. It’s just no fun at all. Although I’m amazed that she can still be so genki even after all the problem’s she’s faced. Maybe it’s because she hasn’t gathered all her memories yet but somehow it’s already evident of what her sad past may have been..  Now where’s your knight in shining armor Oz~? ❤

I guess what I’m anticipating for, no matter how fangirl-ish it may seem, is how Oz will save her from that so-called darkness that she’s trapped in. Oooh~ I wonder~ ^____^

le ZOMG~ JACK! <3333333 *glomps*

YAY! Who’s this~? JACK! God he’s so cute~ >3<

Honestly, he reminds me of Oz in every single way, doesn’t he? If I wasn’t paying attention to what’s happening before that scene then I would’ve thought that that’s Oz but I was read thing thoroughly so yeah, JACK! XDDDD;; Gee, when I said that he’s similar to Oz in every single way, I meant it.. look how adorable he is! *pinches cheek* Now all that’s left is for Oz to l.o.v.e. Alice ne~? ❤ Nyahahaha~ >D

lol. Oz had the time to joke eh? That’s what I love about him! >w<

And look, Chesire cat too, he’s innocently cute~

Remind me again why they’re sort of battling? God.. I need to do some rereading now. All I can remember is that Oz and Break went to Chesire’s place for some reason.. Gahh >___<  I’ll really reread this after I’m done with this post XP It’s not that it’s not important for me to know but like I said, there are parts of this chapter that got my attention so much that I kind of forgot about these particular parts. XP

Here it is again.. the ‘You don’t belong anywhere’ or ‘Where on earth are you?’ mysteries. I wonder what’s up with this one…hmmm.. It appears that I may have not been observing this series that well because I get confused everytime. OTL.

♥.♥ Yipeeeeeeeee~ JACK! ♥.♥

roflmao 😆 I got so distracted by JACK! that I forgot about this smexy guy, GIL~ OMG he’s so adorable here! >____< Kyaa~ <33

Honestly, I also want someone like Gil as a friend. I mean, he’s just so loyal to Oz that they’re mistaken for a yaoi couple that they’re both concerned so much of each other’s welfare. And look at Gil, no matter how much time has past, he still treasures Oz so much and that is why I envy Oz so much~ =3=;;

I just love how these two, despite everything that’s happening can manage to crack up some humor in their conversations XD That’s just so much fun.

*inserts a picture of JACK! for mere fangirling reasons*

sdghjkkldfhjk JACK!!! ♥.♥ <3333

I’ve died of too much nosebleed already! D:

Honestly, who couldn’t resist a guy like this?

SEE what I meant by that? ♥.♥

By now it must’ve been sooooooooooo obvious that I ♥ JACK Bezarius huh? 😉 He’s MINE. lol. j/k. j/k

Okay, fangirling aside, let’s get to the image. Has anyone noticed Oz’s startled expression when Jack said that he wanted to help Alice because she’s a very important girl to him..? *hint**hint**wink* I know that he’s startled probably because he really doesn’t know Jack’s real identity yet and he’s still wondering why Jack was in Alice’s memories..

Ooooh~ SCARY! :O

I really don’t understand what’s up with this three but somehow I’m reminded that Break and Sharon wanted to take hold of the will of the abyss right? And Jack explains later that the Chesire cat wanted to be the one and only knight who could protect the will of the abyss. Is that perhaps the reason between the so-called feud?

Anyhow…when I said important parts that occupied me, I meant these…

Right to the point Jack! >D No matter how much Oz denies this and no matter how many things seem to get into his way, it duhduhdohh obvious that he wants to become Alice’s knight.

Other than that, doesn’t Oz’s statement make you want to melt inside out? It’s expected but it’s shocking at the same time.. look at Gil’s expression! Now you yaoi fans stfu and don’t tell me that that’s because of jealousy 😐 m’kay? Please and thank you ;3

I really wonder what he meant by that.. it just seems so ironic..

Any dibs on what Oz may mean by that? I’m being so occupied right now that my mind won’t function well. 😛

Nuuuuuuuuuu! Don’t say that Oz!

Gehh. Like I said, no matter what happens no doubt that Oz will always be Alice’s knight – even unknowingly.


*is in total fangirl mode right now~*

I wanna glomp Oz on the spot! XD

Now really, what will the light radiate into in the end?

Honestly, Oz, you can joke at a time like this? So carefree le~~

I love both you guys but Gil, why must you do that to Jack? D:

*sigh* Really, who wouldn’t want a boyfriend so concerned like Gil? If I had one I can die happy already XP But sadly, I don’t. Lucky Oz! 8D


That’s Break right?

OMG he’s so cool now that his ranking has rised up X3 See, he’s not just weird, the truth behind that is his cool side.

*le gasps~*

GO GO GO OZ! You can do it~ ;D!

Gee, I really wonder what’s going to happen next. This wasn’t much of a cliffie but still, with situations like this, you just can’t have enough.

Well, that’s my reaction for PH chapter 18. 😛 As much as I wanted to make it sound serious, alas.. I can’t. There’s just too much things that has too much to notice that makes me want to squeal or something. Now I shall go and watch PH ep. 09~ :3

EDIT: Edited after 3 hours of rereading the so-far manga chapters and looking at some raws(while chatting with a RL friend who confirmed things to me) I edited some things that I have misunderstood in the manga. Yep, I’m all clear now. Also, thanks to Xiao Jie for confirming things to me. SANKYUU~ ❤


9 Responses to “Pandora Hearts chapter 18: “..Her being like that seems so dazzling to me, but sometimes.. it also makes me feel bitter.. but she’s warm””

  1. 1 Xiao Jie June 3, 2009 at 5:27 am

    Knowing Alice, she’d hug Oz tight and then kick him and be tsuntsun. Aww~! xDDD

    As for Oz saving Alice, hehe, I find that moment very special cuz, like you said, it’s not over the top and it’s simple but so sincere to the very core. I think that’s Oz’s specialty…or maybe…yea, I’ll refrain from spoiling but it’s just going to make you D’AWWWW like crazy. Huhu~


    I adore Jack so much. He is like the grown-up Oz in every way only wiser and…ohhh~ I want to see his face in the anime already! *stomps foot*And he’s voiced by Daisuke Ono, too, which makes me love him all the more. *heartful sigh* ❤
    Anyways…Jack is just so…cool. I mean, he’s a little clumsy so that’s why he’s cute but he even makes clumsy look…cool…and waaahhh, I just can’t help but fall for these types of character. They know like almost everything that’s going on (and/or what’s going to happen) but they still keep their personalities in check. Jack~ <333

    (What does Oz’s horrible father have to do with Jack? o.O; )

    Mmkay, the reason why Break went into the Abyss (w/Alice) was to obtain something (and yes, it has something to do with the Will of the Abyss herself). That’s the same something that they’re looking for in relation to the Tragedy of Sabrie. And by letting Alice appear as bait, Cheshire brought both of them down into the Abyss. Oz and Gil went into the Abyss themselves (with the help of Sharon and her Chain, Eques (sp?)) to get them back. And Cheshire is guarding what Break is looking for so that’s why he’s trying to fight them off (to protect the Will of the Abyss…though it’s also something else). Clear now? 🙂

    Ooo, that “You don’t belong here line” always gets Oz into a frozen state. Poor Oz. *still doesn’t know what’s the deal behind that but huggles Ozzy* 😦

    Eh? …Oh…oh no, hun. Oh no~ Jack isn’t Ozzy’s father. ^^;

    I want a Jack for my birthday this year~! *rolls around on the floor* I wanna~ I wanna~ I wanna Jack~! <333

    Oz is jealous of Alice cuz she can be so honest with her feelings while he can’t. That’s why he’s smiling all the time and saying things would be alright but in truth, he just wants to hide his insecurities.


    Hehe, can’t wait till the next scanlated chapter comes out. I hope I didn’t spoil anything for you. If so, I’m sorry. ^^;

  2. 2 thezean June 3, 2009 at 5:30 am

    LOL. Are you trying to make me melt just by posting lots of pics of Gil and Jack’s hawt-yness!? D:< Be happy then, because you just succeeded in doing so XP

    I think I haven’t been paying attention much because girl, I never knew that this chapter was already released. xDD

    This is not my anticipated chapter because theresachapterwhichyoushouldbewaitingevenmoreforbecausethosetwowillkissithink? << I read it somewhere in wikipedia, dunno if it’s true. 😀

  3. 3 Han Jae Hye June 3, 2009 at 6:57 am


    That’s true, Oz may say that he isn’t strong enough for Alice but he’s already being her knight just by being her side all the time..

    *gasps* IYAAAAA~ Jack is so awesome. ^^-v

  4. 4 kanzeon June 3, 2009 at 7:26 am

    One word to summarize this chapter is: JAAAAAAACK <3!!!!!!!!
    Oh my God I LOVE HIM!!! He’s my second favorite character (after Gil <3)

  5. 5 Rin June 7, 2009 at 5:00 am

    OMG! The Oz x Alice moment there. I loved it. I will say that if they don’t become a couple, I will be a very mad fangirl. “Alice is like the sun” that was so sweet.

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