Chocolate (ch. 1), ARISA (ch.6) & Watashi ni xx Shinasai (ch.2) RAWs Impressions

Thanks to Xiao Jie, I was able to take a look at the RAWs of 3 of my awaited chapters in this month’s Nakayoshi issue. Namely, Chocolate, ARISA and Watashi ni xx Shinasai. I took a good look on them a lot of times to understand what’s happening so I made this post to spill out my impressions on these following chapters. 😀

Like I’ve said a while ago, these chapters were ones that I’m really awaiting for. Well, then again, what is it that I’m not awaiting for? Of course I’d be looking forward for the next chapter of my favorite series so what’s the difference? I always act like this crazy fangirl, I’ve been thinking. What else can I do? That’s my nature so get used to it. (:

Anyhow, before I start with the impressions, I again would like to give a BIG BIG THANKS! to Xiao Jie for her awesomeness and kindness to even share her scans with us who can’t buy/see Nakayoshi for ourselves. lol xD Also, I’ve edited the scans that I’ll be using for this but of course, I don’t take any claim on them.. is that okay? ^^;;  So again, these are Xiao Jie’s scans and if you’d like to see them for yourselves, go to her blog and download it there. Don’t forget to thank her, though ;D

When I look at manga RAWs, I am always irritated that I may be able to identify the kanas but I don’t understand most of them at all :\ And now I’m reminded again of that irritation. I swear, someday I’ll study Japanese. Maybe when we migrate to America? I dunno when but certainly being able to read(screw writing, I don’t care about that) Japanese is one of my ambitions. Ara~ Me and my crazy dream.

Just a reminder, when you read my impressions.. please don’t assume that these are all facts as they’re just my assumptions on what may have happened in the chapter. I just said it, didn’t I? I can’t read Japanese so nothing below this can be possibly right unless we confirm it by reading the scanlated version of it. So to sum it up, these are merely my thoughts on the chapter- thoughts, speculations and assumptions. 😉


Remember my preview post on the new Chocolate manga series? Well this is it, it’s been released! I really don’t think I could say much about this but comment on some thoughts that I’ve had while browsing through the raws because this is just the first chapter so I ain’t familiar with the plot yet and most definitely because I can hardly understand it. All I can decipher now is that this will be a love triangle series. Ooh~ that’s going to be so interesting!

I remember when I was still a beginner with shoujo manga, I used to hate, no, let’s say ‘dislike‘ love triangles because I had this mindset that I want things to end up the way I wanted(i.e. this girl should end up with that particular guy) and if there will be a love triangle, it might not turn out that way. It embarrasses me to say it but yeah, I am so childish when it comes to that. xD

Being a fan of Haruka Fukushima-sensei and her works, looking back, I admit her plots are cliche but it’s cliche in a way that it’s enjoyable. I’ve never been disappointed in her works; well, maybe except for one. Those of who who’ve read Orange Planet should now why. That was like on of the biggest disappointment ever that I felt like chopping Rui into bits. Call that fangirl rage or whatever but that’s how I felt about the ending. You could say that my reaction for the ending was somewhat biased because I dislike teacher x student stories but… I have my reasons. Again, if you’ve read Orange Planet already, you’d understand why. ^^Ughhh, I’m reminded of it again! D:

The beginning of this series was totally shocking. I mean, a cute boy falling backwards down the stairs? It looks like a fallen angel from the bishie heaven. I was somehow intrigued that the main characters are still preteens or uh.. somewhere around 13-15 yrs. old? I’d prefer to see them as 17 yr olds or so but I think them being preteens can make a difference..hopefully. I doubt that there’d be sappy romance here so maybe puppy-love at first? Gahh I do not know! Let’s just hope that this will be an interesting love-tri series; unlike that one…

However, in this particular love triangle series, no matter how much I like Rei (duhh, because he’s so damn cute!), I’m not yet taking sides. Why? Because I haven’t seen much of it yet. I have my assumptions that those two would end up together in the end no matter how many twist and turns Haruka-sensei puts in on this (It’s shoujo manga, remember~?) but we’ll see..

Everyone, this is Yuuto, the other side of the triangle. I’m not sure if he and Chi are childhood friends but it looks like it. Also.. he looks cute no? Yeah, I prefer calling them ‘cute’ rather than hot this time. xP

With Rei arriving, the fangirls started to squeee into joy. Why is it that all fangirls in shoujo like that?  Nonetheless, there is nothing about Rei that wouldn’t make you squeeeee. What I was surprised about Rei was when he talked to Yuuto looking as if he’s saying something important or challenging him. Crap, I wish I could understand what he was saying =3=;;. Gee, no matter how I look unto it, Rei may be a little different but he’s still the usual Haruka Fukushima hero; so is Chi. I’m not complaining but it’s like the plot and the character design is what’s change; still, I love her works. I sound so shallow but I don’t care. 😛

OH SHI- REI! *faints~*

Damn, I love it when he does that. Gee, I can’t help but be so biased at all. XDDD Why is it that a character captures my shoujo heart just by striking a cute and deadly smirk~!?

Haruka-sensei really loves scenes involving the Swimming Pool huh? If you’ve read almost all of Haruka-sensei’s works you’ll notice even just once, there will be a scene who’s setup is at the swimming pool and all of those scenes were really cute~ ❤  And this one was no exception.

When Chi threw out the chocolate through the window I expected Rei to try and catch up to it but I didn’t exactly expect that he’d jump out of the window for just a chocolate; no matter how special it may seem for him. It’s a good thing that there was a swimming pool below.. *phew*

My fangirl-ism was triggered when Chi was already at the edge of the pool and Rei fed her the Chocolate. Gawd he’s so sweet~

Btw, just on side note.. is it just me or when Chi’s hair is down it kind of reminds me of Rui from Orange Planet..?

BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ;;________________________;; I feel sorry for this guy.

He managed to see what happened and the conversation between Rei and Chi. Poor guy.So here’s the childhood friend who’s loved the girl since the beginning of the story and he will end up being blahblahblah. I wanna see this in english now =3=;; I’d totally love whoever picks this up. *sparkly-eyes*


This chapter despite me not understanding even half of what’s happenping was total WIN. Yes, WIN. Yukina PWNS so much that she’s showing us one of the great qualities of heroines – fierceness. However, I don’t think that her fierceness was evident in the end because something unexpected just happened~ *winks*

When I said last time in my WnxxS chap. 1 post that this may be entirely different from Ema-sensei’s other moemoemoe mangas; I should say, it is different. But no matter how different it may be, it still makes me go doki-doki when I see the scenes between these two. Nyahahaha~ >:3

People are being negative about Kitami but I don’t think he’s that bad at all. Plus, it could just be Yukina’s job to make him change..? He’s still a jackass at times though but it can be so normal in shoujo..

Look at this, Yukina is so far from being the stoned-faced heroines who we see as fierce. Yukina is fierce yet she can show us such an emotion and expression! OMG it’s Akira!!! ❤

Even though I can’t understand what they’re saying, it’s obvious that she’s happy because the girls appreciated or liked Yupina’s new novel which already has romance for it – all thanks to Kitami perhaps? Maybe not, because he didn’t do anything much though..and I still can’t believe that he just left Yukina like that in the room. But of course, I’m already used to jackassed heroes, no matter how it might irritate me so wth should I complain? But isn’t that great? Yukina’s able to write romance cellphone novels now because of that ‘experience’. This just proves the saying that when you’re writting a novel, it’s good to have experience on what you’re writing XP

What happened next was so disheartening :\ What else could it be? Well, Kitami’s still being a playboy. That’s the only thing that makes me want to hate him, he’s toying with the girls feelings when he should just be with Yukina.. But then you can’t expect him to easily fall in love or something with Yukina; if ever that happens, it’d be so ridiculous. So let’s just wait and see for development. >;D

On Akira, he’s a main character too alright. Of course not a love interest but a main character for some reason too.. I can sense it even though it’s not exactly hinted.  (imo, as always)

Whatever Yukina said here, it so obvious that she just PWNed Shigure again. Haha You go girl! xD Don’t let boys be your downfall! [:<

Now why do I feel as if  Shigure’s planning something before? Mehh. I’ll never know once I see this in english~ I can’t wait ^^


It’s not often you see Yukina with expressions like what we’ve seen from her in this chapter. I think Shigure’s having an effect on her already. lolz xD And why did he suddenly do that? I surely don’t know.  All I know is that it’s fun too see. X3

Really, I wonder what’s up with Shigure right now.. is this part of a plan or something? *sigh* I’m confused..


*translated to:*

“At First..”

Gee, I suck. See what I mean when I only know a few things? *sigh* Nonetheless, there’s a really excited development happening here, regardless of it being an act or not. HA! Awww Yukina is being so moe right now that it’s unbelievable.

O—KAY!? What’s up with that?

Still, Kyaaaa~ ❤



OMG. ♥.♥~

I didn’t exactly get what Yukina was saying here but it’s somehow related to fast heartbeat and something else that I didn’t understand. Gahh I suck at Japanese D:

Anyways, this scene is kind of unexpected for these two that I was wondering what happened? I hope that’d be cleared up once the scanlations are released. ;P

ARISA ch. 6

Before I start saying something about this, I’ve gone to one conclusion about ARISA. If you don’t know Japanese, and you’re looking at the RAWs you’d hardly understand what’s going on at all.

However, what’s good with this chapter is that I think I understood it in one way or another. Still, I’m not sure if what I thought is correct. Remember, you can correct me if I’m wrong ;D

So yeah, what you will read next is purely my thoughts on how I see it. So no hard feelings when I say something wrong ;P

It seems that Manabe is still convinced that Arisa is the King and we get a little flashback of what has happened before. (It looks like Manabe was explaining it to Tsubasa..) I think Manabe doesn’t know that whom he’s talking to is actually Tsubasa and not Arisa.

The flashback is about how Manabe suppossedly gotten in trouble in school that he ended up not attending classes..? I dunno it seemed like that. And then it was Arisa who visited him and took care of him or something. It appears as Arisa was doing a good deed for Manabe and is convincing him to go back to school. What was weird was that she had this weird atmosphere when saying something.

So what made me assume that it was Arisa who visited Manabe and that it was just a flashback of what happened before? Well, remember that time in chapter 1 where Manabe was introduced? Remember how Mariko told Tsubasa that it was Arisa who persuaded him to go back to school? So I think it’s that.

But when he returned to school, he witnessed the class doing the King Time. Another time after we see Shiori happy about something(maybe it was her wish that was granted?). When Manabe looked over Arisa all she did was to ssshhh him with a smile. There must’ve been a traitor or it was a wish granted but the next event that happened was a student who’s desk and stuff are outside in the rain. The students were all looking at him with those creepy eyes while Manabe is just confused.

When Manabe tried to talk to Arisa about it, responded with a blank look on her face and said something.. Back at the current time, Manabe was saying something like a threath to Tsubasa, thinking that she’s Arisa and left. This discovery left Tsubasa dumbfounded.

She decided to go to Arisa’s room and look if can find something that may clear up her thoughts on what Manabe said. She logged on Arisa’s computer and searched for the KING. She was surprised to see a lot of files related to the King and it looks as if those files contain the wishes of the students or something. And by the looks of it, it’s as if she’s found out that Arisa may be the King or something.

Oh again, I’m so sorry for always saying stuff like ‘maybe’ or some unsure thoughts.. >.<;;

We get to see a scene of Mariko and Midori talking together with a suspicious aura. God, I feel so bad about these two already. D:

The next scene was Tsubasa in a field and then Takeru arrives. They end up talking about something(probably concerning Arisa) and Tsubasa suddenly burst into tears. When Takeru gets Tsubasa’s phone, he sees a message that made the both of them shocked. Tsubasa hurriedly went to Arisa’s room and found out that she’s not there but the bed was filled with rose petals.

“Welcome back.. Arisa”

In the last page it is shown that it was Mariko(and also Midori, perhaps) who kidnapped Arisa.

_* *_

As I say every chapter, can this manga get even more suspenseful and mysterious!? :O

Anyways, I haven’t included most of my thoughts on these chapters yet because I haven’t exactly read them in english yet but when the scanlations do come out, I’ll be doing a full review on all of them – hopefully I’ll get time to post about them~

So.. what do you think about these chapters? 😀


4 Responses to “Chocolate (ch. 1), ARISA (ch.6) & Watashi ni xx Shinasai (ch.2) RAWs Impressions”

  1. 1 Rin June 6, 2009 at 8:18 pm

    Thank you for those reviews of what you think the chapter is about. It makes me want to read them now. I realized that when Arisa(or Tsubasa, I can’t tell) is giving Manabe some jelly, I saw that she said “jelly” as “zelii”. I know this is kinda pointless to say in a coment. but i just wanted to point that out(i suck at japanese)

  2. 2 thezean June 6, 2009 at 8:33 pm

    Wth at least you can still understand even just a little bit . Haha, no offense. ^^v

    Thanks for sharing your theories or w/e you call them. I think I’ll just comment on your reviews w/ the scanlated ones. I hope they release this ones soon~ ;]

  3. 3 Sapphire Pyro June 8, 2009 at 6:09 am

    I’m not familiar with the other mangas except for watashi ni xx shinasai . . . but omg I think I’m gonna like what’s gonna happen in chapter 2 *_* I can’t wait for the scanlation! KYAAAAAAAaa xD

  4. 4 Lyndsey June 17, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    AHH!!! When do the Watashin ni xx Shinasai chapters come out?! I’ve been looking every day! Come on, please give me a hint. The website says it has neither a translater nor an editor! (Though you clearly prove it wrong.) I’m dying here! I almost never find a shojo I like. Thanks for all your hard work! I really hope to see it soon!

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