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K-On! ep. 09 – Has Mio been dethroned? Yes or No?

With K-On! episode 9 showing more of an Azusa-centric vibe, and people looking like they enjoyed it.. does that mean that Azusa will be the next Mio?

Yep, no image spam right now because I’m lazy. If you want image spam go here or here. 😉

I honestly don’t care whoever gets to be on top. Whether it be Mio or Azusa, it’s fine. All I can’t take is too much moe. Geez. KyoAni!! Why did you make Azusa so moe!? D:< RAEG

So what do you think?

However, what I enjoyed in this episode is that Azusa is actually  bringing up what this show is supposed to be about. No, not lazying around and being such moeblobs but actually doing some practicing! Also, it was fun to see Mio’s mature side back even just for a bit; also how insecure she got about Azusa. lmao xD


Hatsukoi Limited 07: This is why ‘Honesty’ is a must in a relationship

While this ain’t exactly one of my favorite episodes as Dobashi and Terai are far from being my OTP for Hatsukoi Limited, interesting parts were included that made me enjoy it.

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What to love in K-On! ep. 08: Azusa! Azu-nyan! AZUSA~ [Pic Spammage!]

KOn_08_04.png picture by fireflylights

AZUSA!!!!!111!!!11oneone *glompage*

If there’s one thing to really love about this episode, you’ve got it right up there ^^

BEWARE: Pic Spammage!

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K-On! ep. 06 – Festival Time!



It’s Budokan time in K-On! While the episode was fun as it is, most especially the performance itself, I can’t help but notice how KyoAni makes Mio appear to look so moe. I dunno if it’s the KyoAni thing but it’s kinda meh. I mean, she wasn’t that moe in the manga but in the anime it looks like she’s been moe-fied 10x! This is one thing that makes her so popular among the guys isn’t it? But then again, too much moeness gets irritating for me, this is why my favorite character is Ritsu.

I mean if you look at it in a perspective where moe doesn’t exist, Ritsu is the only one who’s still so likeable. For me, her jumpy attitude is one of her good characteristics. To think that Mio was supposed to be the mature type; well, I never really looked up on the mature types, I’m more on the cool and hyper type like Ritsu. XP *huggles Ritsu-chan~* Ritsu ftw!

Anyways, like I said, I was kind off amazed at the performance. God, I love their outfits! me WANTS! lmao. Even though KyoAni decided to make it appear like a music video than the performance itself, it was still o-kay. The skit was funny to watch 😆 It’s just poor for Mio getting exposed. XP

Valkyria Chronicles 05 – Do not let its cuteness fool you..


The episode will not be complete without Hans, truly.  Who cares about Swine Flu with a cute pig like that? Not me. Hey, since Alicia kept this winged-pig already, the pig will be showing again some time soon? :>


I can’t comment on anything about this episode except for the fact that Alicia’s being so tsuntsun. Yes, she does have the right to get mad at Faldio for saying something like that in front of so many people who I assume got the wrong idea. (Gee. People XD) Although she doesn’t have to be so insensitive about it.

Also, she complains too much about Welkin and Faldio and sometimes act like she doesn’t trust them but.. that’s what most heroines are, right? Then again, this is war were talking about why act so tsuntsun during war? You’ll most likely end up in trouble if you do so 😛

07-Ghost ep. 04 – Scythes and smirking blonde bishops are IN..


..And you know it

Watching this episode, I can’t help but find myself gawking everything Frau does his little speech of what you call and/or everytime he acts like himself. Who in their right fangirling mind wouldn’t?

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K-On! ep. 05 – Sawako Yamanaka: Rock star turned teacher


Reveal yourself, Sawako-sensei!

That was about 3-4 chapters of the manga in this episode right? Well besides that, I think I’ve gotten moe overdose with this episode, really. It was an extra funny episode mainly because of Sawako-sensei. In RL, would you really expect someone like that to turn out to be something like that in the past? Not usually.

Throw in some moe moe Mio, moe Yui, funnehh Ritsu, obsessive admirant Tsumugi, crazy doki-doki lyrics and of course, our favorite rocker sensei and we have episode 5 of K-On!

Then again, despite the amusement I get from this show somehow I feel like ‘it’s-all-the-same-shit’ when I see them acting so moe. I tell you, moe isn’t that good when it’s being overused. Sometimes Mio and Yui gets on my nerves when they act so moe but I admit, it’s still what you can call cute. This is why I really look up on Ritsu. I’m crazy no?


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