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Hatsukoi Limited 03


So this was the episode that made me go ‘:O’ in the manga. I tell you, an episode with Kusuda is a funny episode. Speaking of which, the later part of this episode was hell lot of LOLing because of him. XD It was a great episode that makes you want to go ‘Awww~’ because the interactions between these two can’t be helped but be laughed at. It’s as if they have this connection. But meh.

I think Kei has a problem with people. Likely, her expectations are set too high that she doesn’t take notice of the normally good things that she has arround her. Well, you can’t complain if that’s her type but it’s not healthy. I mean, have you ever seen such a perfect guy? We’re all just humans, God!

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K-On! 04 – Of Swimsuits, moe meido Mio and ugly barnacles

Moe moe mio, anyone?

Moe moe mio, anyone?

After 4 weeks of airing, K-On! episode 4 was probably the episode that moetards and Mio fans liked the most – so far. Isn’t it? I don’t remember this being focused on much in the 4-koma but what do you expect from KyoAni to give fans what they want?

Honestly, it was a pretty funny episode. Although this was supposed to be a training camp, it turned out to be a vacation and beach fun right? Poor Mio, no one listens to her. :O

So why do I think people loved episode 4? Simple..

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Pandora Hearts ep. 02-03: The contract was an excuse for a hawt kiss-u.


Wasn’t it? XD I’m really sorry to those who dropped this series after watching the first episode because the third one rocked! Plus you see Oz x Alice goodness! I actually think that the real thing starts at the second episode.

Pandora Hearts has a mysterious vibe around it that makes it so interesting to watch no matter how ughh the animation can get. There’s a fair amount of characters so far that can make you easily remember them and all of them have pleasing characteristics. Don’t they?

All I look forward to in the near future is some of the plot and more Oz x Alice shipping. Yesh, I’m addicted C:< This so makes me want to read the manga [even though I have a lot going through] So which episode do I like better? Do you even have to ask? :]

On the looks of what happened in the recent episodes, it seems that there is even more character development given to both Alice and Oz. Despite that, there are still a lot of mysteries left untold for them to discover. The one with the shinigamis and so on. I really wonder what’ll happen now that the contract has been issued (by a kiss, mind you!).

Some screencaps from episode 2 and short summaries:

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Tayutama 02 – That old geezer’s a manipulator :O


I really find Yuuri’s dad so amusing and funny. Wow, he’s a blackmailer too? Other than that, those Tayutais are cute! *huggles*

Despite the fact that I found this episode quite fine, it just doesn’t help that the camera angles differ from time to time. I should say that it’s because of that that my headache getting worse now but meh.  Also, now I could say that I really couldn’t care less for the plot because it’s so vague. I never liked shows like that but considering that this is harem and the likes, I could handle watching it; while others might watch this for fanservice XD.

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Eden of the East 02 – Juiz is awesome. `nuff said.


Why is it that everyone here has cool cellphones?! D:<

Just gotten the hang of watching Eden of the East 02 and complaining about the heat here at the Philippines and hate to make it sound so overrated but it’s good! Definitely! Every fangirling-worthy moment, I was there to do so but aside that, what really hooked me into this episode was how the mysteries seem to get bigger and bigger.Now, they arrive at Japan and another set of questions enter my mind – too much that I can’t make myself post about it.

The best thing in this episode was, the Akira x Saki bonding. I’m sure you all agree on that. 😉

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Saki 02 – Are you sure this ain’t shoujo-ai? XD


I’ve downloaded this episode like, 3 days ago and yet I was only able to watch it now. Though some may have found the series confusing because they don’t have interest in mahjong, and also dropped it after the first episode; I for one enjoyed this show and also this second episode. I mean, isn’t that just inhuman?! She won without knowing it!

Okay, enough about that, the deal today is, does this show exactly have shoujo-ai? The internet says it doesn’t but the way they blush misleadingly implys that there is. I’m sure it’s just pure admiration or embarrassment, nothing further. Hopefully. XD

Anyways, this episode has the opening and the cute, chibified and almost-Yuuki centric ending! Ahh. Here’s one again where I liked the ED better than the OP. (i.e. K-On!) That seldom happens before but wow, now it did! >:]

Third episode, where are youuuus? (lol. I just can’t wait for sunday *laughs*)

K-On! ep. 02 & 03 – Everyone watches it for Mio..


..or Yui.. or Ritsu.. or Mugi 😀 or Ui XD

Doesn’t everyone? I guess I’ve realized that it’s not actually the plot that perks up people’s interest but the characters. Especially Mio. It’s true that I like Mio too but with the second episode I’ve come to love the other characters too. Most of all, Ritsu! It’s Ritsu’s cheerful personality that makes me want to glomp her along with Mio. *evil laugh*

No matter what critiques and other bloggers say about K-On! being a waste of time, I don’t really think it’s a waste of time because it’s entertaining to watch. It might sound biased because I’m a music lover hence, to be straight to the point, it’s just plain fun. Maybe you’d die of the amount of moe you can find in this show but that’s not the only thing that the show has. Actually, it has potential too.

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