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Going for a 3-day vacation! :3


Haruhi summer image in due to the rerun and said second season after it. 😛

By the time this posts, I’ll be on the car sleeping and travelling. XD

That’s right, Hikari to Hotaru is going on a hiatus for 3 days and 2 nights because I, Kitari(aka. kirapika) will be going on a family vacation, with Akane still idle because of her busy schedule (she’s like going to Akiba everyday! XDD) . 

In accordance to that, all First Impressions post for these 3 days(and the ones before that) will be quite late because there’s no internet connection in the place we’ll be going. Hope you all have a nice weekend~ ❤

With much love,



Weekly Anime & Manga~?

Oh Man, if you know how busy I am these days, you’ll feel the pain. So, this is why I guess I have to limit myself for ummm.. blogging? It’s just a hazzle I tell you.

So I was thinking, maybe right now I could put the blurbs on the animes I’ve watched for the week in one post during Saturdays. Same goes for mangas but I’ll post those hopefully on Sundays? I don’t know. I just have a very complicated schedule! XD

Wahhh. Still so many homeworks to do!!! >.<

A Week without Anime

Nagisa Image

okay so why did I have to use this image?! >^<

This week was really  a hell of a confusion to me. Too much depression, school stuff, and of course, total cramming. Because of the given reasons, I didn’t exactly have the time to watch anime or make a blog post. All I was able to do is read mangas and news from ANN. See how my life has been so drastic?

Right now, I’m actually planning to read one of the three books that I borrowed for leisure because I wasn’t allowed to go to the camp. How stupid of my parents to not let me have this learning experience. Ughhh. And then, we have a lot of homework due next week and as you may have known, I am the queen of cramming but this time, I don’t feel like doing so. I don’t even think I could watch anime this weekend but I HOPE I can. It’s seriously boring without anime and you know it. Then again, without reality, everything would be a lot dull so I choose reality over fiction.

That, of course, doesn’t mean that I’m stopping myself from watching anime.


That's right, Hikari to Hotaru has moved to a better server:

Please take your time to visit there and comment if you like. I'd love you so much if you do~ <3
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