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Hikari to Hotaru has MOVED! :D


The image is not mine, I found it from pixiv though I forgot who did it. Credit to whoever did~ 😀

That’s right, Hikari to Hotaru has moved to another server and I hope that you take time on visiting me on that other server. I’ll appreciate it so much if you visit and comment in there ;D :

Thanks! Hope to see you there soon~

Unless something happens to that I’m going to be using that server but if something happens I’m going back to this one. 🙂


New Banners: harharhar >:3 Romance is in the air~

Hohoho~ Here’s  kitari-pyon with another set of banners~

(2 of which have been put up before already but wasn’t in a post and a new one ^w^)

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Otomen Gets a Live-Action Adaptation!

Source: ANN

According to ANN, the July issue has announced to the public that a Live-Action adaptation of the manga by Aya Kanno  has been green-lit and is now in the works. Exciting no? It’s also mentioned that the drama will premiere on August 1, this Summer.

The actors who would be playing the roles of the main characters will be Masaki Okada (as Asuka Masamune) and Kaho (as Ryo Miyakozuka).


Yipee~ I can’t wait! When we all thought that the special announcement would be about an anime adaptation, it’s actually a Live-Action one! Well, anime or LA, it doesn’t matter which. Hehe. 😆 Plus, don’t you think it’s nice for having more LA adaptations from time to time? I wish there’d be more. ^w^ Anyways, I really wonder how they’ll do this one. I was see Asuka in girly mode in the LA XP Where’s my Skip Beat! dorama, then!?

On the actors, I really really don’t think that they are the best choice for this (by looks) by I guess they’re alright – in a sense that seeing them wouldn’t make my blood boil on how unfitting they are for the role. Another thing is that.. will they make Asuka’s hair in the LA white-gray-ish too? It’s cool but I can’t help but lol everytime I see anime hair in LAs XDDD

I’m looking forward to know more about the live-action adaptation of Otomen and so as finding out who will play the roles of the other characters~ :3

lmao. I saw the news 2 days ago but I only had time now to make a post about it XP

Hikari to Hotaru has a new server.. YAY! *hugs this new site*

[image is not mine, it’s from a member in pixiv]

That’s right,Hikari to Hotaru has moved to this new server. Isn’t that fun? The url is now: ! :3

After hours of me trying to figure out what to do I finally got it working, YAY~ 😆 So starting today, May 17, 2009, I’ll be posting here. So, see you around~ <33

By the way, as long as the linkage from animenano and other sites are not yet fixed I’m going to be cross-posting with my wordpress account too. ^__^

Also, I’ve been in a hype in making rotating banners ^w^(I’m not done yet) Here are what I have so far…

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Quick Blog Update: Moe Moe Kyun~?

miobannerdesuu1image used is from: 晴。 @ pixiv

I know I’ve had a lot of banner changes this april because… well.. I get bored with stuff lately. *smiles* So here, I found a cute fanart of Mio in a meido costume supposedly doing the ‘Moe Moe Kyun~♥’ thing. Flustered Mio is cute :3. Also, Yui and Ritsu at the background are adorable XD

Expect this one to last longer because I actually like it  :>

Axis Powers: Hetalia Second Season Announced!

Yep, that’s right, a 26-episode second season of Hetalia is in the works and said to run sometime after the summer season.

I can’t believe it; another 26 episodes of Hetalia goodness! This has made my day when I heard about it and a feeling of overexcitement came to me. 😀 Surely I’ll be blogging this if I’m not busy since I’m the busiest person at Fall and Winter. XD

New April Banner Up!

It's PINK. My fave color~♥♪

It's PINK. My fave color~♥♪

I’ve finally gotten myself to make a very special banner – the April banner~! Why is it so special? Well it’s only because April is my birth month! That’s right, I’m getting a year older again on the 9th. It’s too bad I can’t actually celebrate it on that day because it’s Holy Thursday. I found the picture from Anna’s blog.

You know what? I really like this one because it’s PINK. My girlish and favorite color. >:D I’ve done extra effort on this one if you haven’t noticed. XDD

I don’t really know if it suits the theme because gawd is soooo limited. 😦 But that’s all that I have now..

Anyways, I really look forward for April! Plus, it’s our summer vacation! :3


That's right, Hikari to Hotaru has moved to a better server:

Please take your time to visit there and comment if you like. I'd love you so much if you do~ <3
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