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American Idol: Top 2 – Who will win this?


Picture snagged from the official American Idol site. 😉

Oooohh~ It’s on! The Top 2 contestants of American Idol has only one week left until they face off each other in the grand finale. The question is.. who will stay on top and be the next American Idol..?

I honestly don’t know who will win this because it will really be a tough decision as both of these guys have really great talents! Though if you base it on the votes alone, I have a hunch that it might be Kris who’s going to take that spot. Don’t you think? Well, obviously Kris has lots of supporters again, obviously because he’s so hawtttt every week so it’s kind of like a good thing already right? But of course, we never know what might happen.

If you base it on the talent though, I think Adam’s better at it by just a tiny little bit. Kris is good and all but sometimes he can’t be as original as Adam and originality is what these judges are looking for right?

Regardless of what I just said, I still vote for Kris though. ^w^ GO KRIS!

And yeah, I’m so freakin’ happy that these two became the top 2 because if not, I’d go nuts!  :3


American Idol Season 8: Top 10

American Idol Season 8: Top 10

American Idol Season 8: Top 10

That’s right, Kirapika(Kitari) is watching American Idol. (I’m a fan you know :PP)

Here’s what I think about the contestants(my favorites) and what I want to say to them if I get a chance to.

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