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Mid-Fall `09 Impressions (Pt. 1)


So it’s not exactly “Mid” xD With the Fall `09 anime season reaching past its mid-point, first impressions change and stuff. Generally Fall `09 isn’t crap and I feel that if not the best, it’s one of the best seasons of anime. This is part 1 of my Mid-Fall Impressions since the others which are not included here are put behind for marathon purposes xD The better the show, the better to marathon!

Mid-Fall Impressions Part 1 includes:

  • Kobato.
  • Nyan Koi!
  • Kampfer
  • Darker than Black S2
  • Kimi ni Todoke
  • Seitokai no Ichizon
  • 11eyes

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100th post! :3

YAY! It’s the 100th post!

So what’s up with the 100th post? Hmm.. Nothing really, but aren’t 100th posts usually a celebration kind of post? Hehehe. So right now I’m being totally random. ^__^ Maybe you’re wondering, I’ve been blogging for um.. 4-5 months(including the period of hiatus) and I’m just at the 100th post!? I guess you could say that I am a lazy blogger.. and if I have little thoughts about something I usually post it in my twitter >w<  XDDD Also I believe since school is starting soon, I’m going to be cutting down the post.. *sigh*

Anyhow, I’ll be looking forward to still post about anime manga and maybe even new things.. well, like I always say, it’s up to my mood to decide that XP I have a lot of blog posts in mind but I never get to write them down properly because of distractions *blames Yi Jung ❤ and other addictions* Nyahahaha~ >:3

About the episodic post issue.. I really don’t know when I’ll be doing those again. Lately I’m just being a lazy gal and my thoughts are cut off so cut me some slack okay? 😀 So the weekly anime(which isn’t so weekly most of the time :P) and the manga corner are going to be seen for a while.

Again, YAY! for the 100th post~ <333 😆

Blog Status: Spring Anime Workload!?

kon-blogstatusoriginal image from: sham夫

Just when you thought that the work is over, it’s not! What work is it exactly? Watching anime, doh! XD Basically, here’s some random filler post of the animes in categories related to blogging and watching it. Also, as to why I do so. 😛

 Again, everything stated here doesn’t go along when I’m not in the mood. It all depends on my good old mood.

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Quick Site Updates :D – “K-On!’s in the house!”

Because I got tired of the uneven matching of the April banner and the OceanMist layout, I decided to change both the layout and the theme. I feel that this theme is way better than the last one, it looks refreshing, compared to the other one that to me looked disordered. It’s not the theme, it’s me. 😀

So, here we have a K-On! fanart for the banner in due to this Spring Anime Season.

Other News: My Audio Output Device is not installed yet so I don’t know when I’ll be able to watch my anime. Maybe tomorrow or the next day. This is exactly what I hate about my busy life, I’ve been way behind the episodes. *sigh*

Busy Schedule

Even though this is just a personal blog between Akane and I but hey, we haven’t updated for more than a week or less, I guess? Our reason? Well, I am studying for our exams while Akane is out there in Japan having all the fun. 😐 It’s our last chance in school so I thought that I should be more serious than how I usually am and that is sooo far from being serious.

On the anime side, I’ve hold as well as my winter series too because of too much stress from school and you know that stress ain’t exactly a good thing. HAHA. Anyways, it’s like that. When will my blogging resume? It depends, really. It’s either I’m busy or I’m just plain bored and lazy. *laughs*

I haven’t been buying any manga for 2 straight months now! Ughh. (That’s primarily because I’m broke right now) So, I’m just reading ones I find at onemanga and mangafox. Sometimes, I TRY to read the RAWs but yeah, it just doesn’t go well. I just hope that this summer(in my place) I get to do what I want. 😛

ToraDora – “My Valentine♥”

Before I start school again, I decided to change the blog’s header and favicon to a theme that would likely fit into the Valentine mood in this month, February.

Why ToraDora you ask? Well, among the animes that I’m seriously watching right now, it’s practically one that has focus on love. Revelations and such, just fiting for the mood. And I was really excited about how it turned out. *hehe* The favicon was also ToraDora themed – it was created by plasticpistols from riotanthem. Thank you very much for that! :3

Mikane-chu is here`

If only I looked like this XD

That’s right! I’m FireflyLights’ new authoress, Mikane-chu. My real name is Akane Mizuno and I’m a used-to-be distant relative of Kitari-chan until I moved along with their family to SE Asia.

Doesn’t my name sound slightly familiar? Well, you see Kitari pointed out to me once that my name was like an irony or combination of Akane’s first name and Seiya’s surname[Both are characters from Kitchen Princess].

Since Kitari is doing coverage on anime and novels, I might as well join in with that too BUT my real motive is to post about mangas and anything related to them. I’m not fluent in Japanese but I used to live in Japan so I can order phonebook mangas from there. Too bad we don’t have a scanner here. *sigh*

That’s pretty much it! 😀

EDIT by Kirapika: In addition to that, Akane-chan will be doing editorials based on anything animanga/novel/interest related. *hehe*


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