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Fukushima Haruka’s Chocolate(manga) Preview!

Nakayoshi July 2009 issue cover featuring a character from Fukushima Haruka’s new serialization, Chocolate.

So I was looking around the Nakayoshi site and I stumbled upon the the previews and saw that they have put up a preview for the new serialization, Chocolate and I wanted to share it to you guys! 😀 And also some thoughts regarding the matter xD

The scans are in the jump! Scans are (c) to Nakayoshi and it’s rightful owners. 😉

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K-On! ep. 09 – Has Mio been dethroned? Yes or No?

With K-On! episode 9 showing more of an Azusa-centric vibe, and people looking like they enjoyed it.. does that mean that Azusa will be the next Mio?

Yep, no image spam right now because I’m lazy. If you want image spam go here or here. 😉

I honestly don’t care whoever gets to be on top. Whether it be Mio or Azusa, it’s fine. All I can’t take is too much moe. Geez. KyoAni!! Why did you make Azusa so moe!? D:< RAEG

So what do you think?

However, what I enjoyed in this episode is that Azusa is actually  bringing up what this show is supposed to be about. No, not lazying around and being such moeblobs but actually doing some practicing! Also, it was fun to see Mio’s mature side back even just for a bit; also how insecure she got about Azusa. lmao xD

Hatsukoi Limited 07: This is why ‘Honesty’ is a must in a relationship

While this ain’t exactly one of my favorite episodes as Dobashi and Terai are far from being my OTP for Hatsukoi Limited, interesting parts were included that made me enjoy it.

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Otomen Gets a Live-Action Adaptation!

Source: ANN

According to ANN, the July issue has announced to the public that a Live-Action adaptation of the manga by Aya Kanno  has been green-lit and is now in the works. Exciting no? It’s also mentioned that the drama will premiere on August 1, this Summer.

The actors who would be playing the roles of the main characters will be Masaki Okada (as Asuka Masamune) and Kaho (as Ryo Miyakozuka).


Yipee~ I can’t wait! When we all thought that the special announcement would be about an anime adaptation, it’s actually a Live-Action one! Well, anime or LA, it doesn’t matter which. Hehe. 😆 Plus, don’t you think it’s nice for having more LA adaptations from time to time? I wish there’d be more. ^w^ Anyways, I really wonder how they’ll do this one. I was see Asuka in girly mode in the LA XP Where’s my Skip Beat! dorama, then!?

On the actors, I really really don’t think that they are the best choice for this (by looks) by I guess they’re alright – in a sense that seeing them wouldn’t make my blood boil on how unfitting they are for the role. Another thing is that.. will they make Asuka’s hair in the LA white-gray-ish too? It’s cool but I can’t help but lol everytime I see anime hair in LAs XDDD

I’m looking forward to know more about the live-action adaptation of Otomen and so as finding out who will play the roles of the other characters~ :3

lmao. I saw the news 2 days ago but I only had time now to make a post about it XP

What to love in K-On! ep. 08: Azusa! Azu-nyan! AZUSA~ [Pic Spammage!]

KOn_08_04.png picture by fireflylights

AZUSA!!!!!111!!!11oneone *glompage*

If there’s one thing to really love about this episode, you’ve got it right up there ^^

BEWARE: Pic Spammage!

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Arisa chap. 05 – The Athletic Festival is Targetted

Could this series be anymore mysterious and suspenseful!?


You think you’ve got it figured out by the end of the fourth chapter huh? Well, think again! This is where Chapter 5 comes in with juicy revelations and even more mysteries to be solved.

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Nyoron Churuya-san ep. 13: The End of great nonsense randomness!

So.. it ended not-so-long ago but this is just when I had time to insert this in my busy schedule and I was able to finish it – successfully XD. Amidst the great nonsense randomness that this show had brought us, it was good while it lasted. 😆 Wasn’t it? I doubt that many watched this(though I still think many did; this is still an ONA of the Haruhi series :P) but it’s actually really entertaining and a great thing to waste your time with. lmao XP

No, it’s not a waste of time at all. Plus, it only lasts for a minute or two so with a total of 13 episodes you’ll be spending an estimated time of 20-30 minutes of watching this. Totally worth it – supposedly. The comedy is not overdone and it’s still funny; yupp, just easy laughs..

I’m going to miss Churuya-san~ X3

Nyoron~ :3


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