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Chocolate (ch. 1), ARISA (ch.6) & Watashi ni xx Shinasai (ch.2) RAWs Impressions

Thanks to Xiao Jie, I was able to take a look at the RAWs of 3 of my awaited chapters in this month’s Nakayoshi issue. Namely, Chocolate, ARISA and Watashi ni xx Shinasai. I took a good look on them a lot of times to understand what’s happening so I made this post to spill out my impressions on these following chapters. 😀

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Arisa chap. 05 – The Athletic Festival is Targetted

Could this series be anymore mysterious and suspenseful!?


You think you’ve got it figured out by the end of the fourth chapter huh? Well, think again! This is where Chapter 5 comes in with juicy revelations and even more mysteries to be solved.

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Arisa chap. 04 – Manabe Tomoyoshi


Just when you thought you’ve managed to solve one of the mysteries in this series, chapter 4 enters the scene and makes reader’s assumptions wrong. And when I said readers, that includes me.

It thrills me to read something like this and there was not a point where I feel bored because every revelation or secret seems to jerk you up to pay even closer attention!. Example is when I thought Manabe’s already an ally because he said that he hated the King for manipulating their class but then here comes a scene with Takeru going to his(Manabe’s) apartment and seeing pictures of the class and there was one photo of Arisa where it was written: “Sonoda Arisa is a traitor”

Well, it got me totally dumbfounded. I mean, god, how confusing can this get? 😆

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[manga] ARISA chap. 3

ARISA chapter 3
by Natsumi Ando

Just gotten a hang of reading ARISA chap. 3 released by Nagare-boshi manga. It was a pretty suspenseful chapter considering how many discoveries Tsubasa has found out while pretending to be Arisa. You’re in for a thrilling chapter where you can find clues on your mysteries with this series.

Oooh and I tell you, there’s really shipping possibilities in here! >3<

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Weekly Manga: March 08-10♪

Did you know that almost all the mangas I have read made me go doki-doki?♥

Did you know that almost all the mangas I have read made me go doki-doki?♥

These days some of my favorite mangas have been updated and I couldn’t help to post my fangirling, rants and blurbs about them. Ain’t that just so fun? Anyways, perhaps you already know how much of a romance-freak I am and all. If you’ll be asking why I’ve only read this now the reason is, I’m not fluent in Japanese so I just read the scanlations. LOL.

Anyways, let’s continue..?

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Arisa chap. 1 – I wanna be like Arisa-chan~!

Kyaaaa~ After my wait I’ve finally gotten to read Arisa chapter 1! I was really looking forward to this one. And judging by the first chapter, Natsumi Ando-sensei, you’re just too awesome!

Well, of course she is! She’s also one of the makers of Kitchen Princess and Zodiac P.I.

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