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Love Berrish!: Last Chapter <333 [SPOILERS]


Um.. tell me again when Love Berrish ended? Wasn’t that about.. 2 years ago? And now you see this post about the last chapter which was like published 2 years ago!? Lmao.

It was only now that I got the chance to see the RAWs of the last chapter, so now that I’ve finished reading it, let’s have a brief review about it, ne? 😀

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Special A: Last Chapter – A crazily happy ending?!


Bawww. It’s the last chapter already T__T. It’s hard to accept that my favorite (believe it or not) series has ended. But yeah, things enter and go and it was time for S.A to go. Nevertheless, amidst the nostalgic theme of the chapter, it still remained funny – one of the good aspects that I like about this series.

I guess it was a pretty fair ending although it was hanging and open. Kudos for Minami Maki-sensei for finishing S.A! Can’t wait to see her upcoming oneshot 😀

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On finishing Maria†Holic…


So after 12 episodes of dramatic nosebleeds from Kanako, Maria Holic has indeed ended. I temporarily stopped watching Maria Holic back on episode 9 because of a busy schedule and now I was able to finish watching the series. I was greatly disappointed though.

Well, I still have the manga to await for. 😀

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Skip Beat 25 – “It’s the ending right…?”

You know, things like that are better said than be thought. :PP

You know, things like that are better said than be thought. :PP

FINALLY, a 25 episode Fall Anime that I actually got to finish!

Okay… so tell me, is this really the end of Skip Beat? It seemed to me like a cliffhanger waiting for another episode. I’m disappointed that it turned out the way I feared it would – a unconcluded ending. It was a meer, “Let’s see what awaits me/us in the future!” ending. >:| Isn’t that just soooo annoying? But heck, we still have the manga right? 😀

Seriously, the only thing that I found amusing here is Yashiro-san and his antics. I don’t think it’s right for me to complain but I just have to because this kind of ending never satisfies anyone, i tell you. Now be prepared for my rants..

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