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-Del Rey Manga Release Dates-

I just came up with this since Hikari to Hotaru is, also at the same time a personal animanga blog so, I decided to put up the release dates of the mangas Kitari and I are following.

Just for keepsakes~

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Clannad ~After Story~ 18-19 : “Papa!♥”

Father and Daugther Bonding!~♪

The former of these two episodes was a real tear-jerker for me. I mean, because of all the things that had happened between Tomoya and Ushio; I can’t help but cry buckets in front of my desktop!

Episode 19 just made me a little teary on the part of Tomoya’s dad.

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White Album 2 – Rina is my second Utau-chan~

Yep. And this is how we like it.

Yep. And this is how we like it.

I can never seem to imagine myself writing a post about White Album. To be blunt, the only motivation I get to watch this show is Rina-sana! I actually kinda liked this episode because Rina got to meet Touya already. It just seems to confusing to me of whats happening around the show unless it involves Rina-sama~ And I noticed one thing, not only do they both have the same seiyuu but they’re actually alike in many special ways. Bitchy to those who are bitchy to them and very friendly to their friends and those who do good to them.


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