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The Desperate [Anime] ‘to-watch’ List

tdtwlLately, I’ve been getting behind the season because of my hectic schedule and other fandoms besides anime.  I haven’t been able to keep up with the cycle of episodic blogging and all so I decided to put it all on a post to keep track of what I need to watch.

Of course, my schedule is tight blame my family for having lots of trips, my other fandoms and my life so completing the list is far from what I imagine. Hopefully, I’d be able to. :O

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Going for a 3-day vacation! :3


Haruhi summer image in due to the rerun and said second season after it. 😛

By the time this posts, I’ll be on the car sleeping and travelling. XD

That’s right, Hikari to Hotaru is going on a hiatus for 3 days and 2 nights because I, Kitari(aka. kirapika) will be going on a family vacation, with Akane still idle because of her busy schedule (she’s like going to Akiba everyday! XDD) . 

In accordance to that, all First Impressions post for these 3 days(and the ones before that) will be quite late because there’s no internet connection in the place we’ll be going. Hope you all have a nice weekend~ ❤

With much love,


Hetalia is the comedy of the season!

Italy and Germany ftw! XDDDDD

Italy and Germany ftw! XDDDDD

Too be honest, I decided to try this show out of curiosity. Lurking around anime blogs I saw some good comments on Hetalia: Axis Powers. An episode is only 5 minute short but you’ll really find it amusing and best of all; comedic! I mean, imagine countries stereotyped and turned into people! 8DDD

Mikane-chu is here`

If only I looked like this XD

That’s right! I’m FireflyLights’ new authoress, Mikane-chu. My real name is Akane Mizuno and I’m a used-to-be distant relative of Kitari-chan until I moved along with their family to SE Asia.

Doesn’t my name sound slightly familiar? Well, you see Kitari pointed out to me once that my name was like an irony or combination of Akane’s first name and Seiya’s surname[Both are characters from Kitchen Princess].

Since Kitari is doing coverage on anime and novels, I might as well join in with that too BUT my real motive is to post about mangas and anything related to them. I’m not fluent in Japanese but I used to live in Japan so I can order phonebook mangas from there. Too bad we don’t have a scanner here. *sigh*

That’s pretty much it! 😀

EDIT by Kirapika: In addition to that, Akane-chan will be doing editorials based on anything animanga/novel/interest related. *hehe*


That's right, Hikari to Hotaru has moved to a better server:

Please take your time to visit there and comment if you like. I'd love you so much if you do~ <3
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