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Axis Powers: Hetalia Second Season Announced!

Yep, that’s right, a 26-episode second season of Hetalia is in the works and said to run sometime after the summer season.

I can’t believe it; another 26 episodes of Hetalia goodness! This has made my day when I heard about it and a feeling of overexcitement came to me. 😀 Surely I’ll be blogging this if I’m not busy since I’m the busiest person at Fall and Winter. XD


Hetalia 03 – Oh Germany, Germany Germany~❥


..the low quality of the image is nothing to how HQ this series is. XD

..the low quality of the image is nothing to how HQ this series is. XD

I’m still disappointed by the fact that this series is just less than 5 minutes short. AND it’s ED takes up time! The character designs, bug me a bit. Especially Germany’s hair BUT I can’t make myself care about that more than I care about this show.

Despite that, I overall find the series amusing and interesting. World War II was our topic in History during Second Year in Middle School. I was thinking I could relate.. but with this craziness here…..

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Hetalia is the comedy of the season!

Italy and Germany ftw! XDDDDD

Italy and Germany ftw! XDDDDD

Too be honest, I decided to try this show out of curiosity. Lurking around anime blogs I saw some good comments on Hetalia: Axis Powers. An episode is only 5 minute short but you’ll really find it amusing and best of all; comedic! I mean, imagine countries stereotyped and turned into people! 8DDD


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