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Kitchen Princess vol. 9 – So, is he the one?

9780345510266Kitchen Princess vol. 9

Story by: Miyuki Kobayashi | Art by: Natsumi Ando

So I finally got outside to my local bookstore, and buy some manga with the discount that I get for being a local customer. I actually bought only 2 mangas because 1. I’m broke and 2. I was in a hurry buying. But anyways, I got to read the volume later this day and I could say, this volume was a little less gloomy than the 8th. It had it’s good sides and of course,  the bad sides.

*For those who haven’t read this series, this is highly recommended!

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Kitchen Princess chap. 39

Okay so, I come home from school being so depressed and it seems that I was given a gift from above. There isn’t much to do so I opened the computer and checked out the latest in the animanga life.

So here’s he first one I read when I went to mangafox, Kitchen Princess vol. 9 chap. 39 scanlated! So, it just proves that all the scans to be found here aren’t mine.

It wasn’t a surprise to me after reading volume 8 that the next chapter will start with Seiya’s confession to Najika being spread around like hotcakes. A confession that Daichi was able to stumble upon seeing(without them knowing),that is.

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