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La Corda d’Oro ~Second Passo~ 01

lcdsp Too bad I wasn’t able to take screencaps. :< (will try to add screencaps once internet is in better condition)

Wow. This is really is it. The Second Passo.

Though many thinks of this as a second season(which I did too at first), it’s actually just a 2 episode OVA(Original Version Anime). Pretty disappointing right? But still, we got to see Aoi and Eto animated. ^^

The first episode aired yesterday, March 26 2009 and the subs came out today so I was able to watch it but I wasn’t able to take screencaps out of the excitment. lolz. It’s so frustrating to hear that the 2nd episode will be aired on June/July. o.O I mean, how many months away is that, only for 1 episode…?  *fangirl rage*

Nonetheless, at least we got a 2-episode OVA right? Hmph. My fandom has revived in me again~♥ Though, their voices annoy me to hell. :[

No, on to the summary well errr important points…

Important Points:

– The first scene in this episode was Aoi Kaji watching Kahoko play the violin in the park.

-It’s a new school term at Seiso academy and a lot of things has changed since the last episode that we’ve seen. Shimizu grew taller! :O

-A new student by the name of Aoi Kaji came. He says that Kahoko is the reason why he transfered to Seiso.

-A new school director, Kira came too. He called the concour participants for a meeting saying that they will form an ensemble. He rudely says to Kahoko that she is not needed.

-While in her disappointment, Aoi found her amidst the place where she plays her violin. He takes her to some places in order to make her happy.

-On their way home they meet Eto, the guy who she met earlier, and her seemed to know Aoi. Telling her that it’s useless and Aoi just likes her because she’s playing the piano.

– The ensemble needs a viola and Osaki(i dunno, I forgot his name :>) cannot do it so he asks Kahoko. She’s still thinking about it.



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