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Hatsukoi Limited 07: This is why ‘Honesty’ is a must in a relationship

While this ain’t exactly one of my favorite episodes as Dobashi and Terai are far from being my OTP for Hatsukoi Limited, interesting parts were included that made me enjoy it.

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Weekly Anime: “Frau’s pornos never fail to amuse little boys” (part 1)


Haha. I loved that! XD Anyways, Weekly Anime is back! Why? Because.. well, because it’d be more awesome if it’s like that! lmao.

Weekly Anime includes:

-07-Ghost ep. 05

-Eden of the East ep. 05

-Hatsukoi Limited ep. 05

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Episodic Blogging is Crazy! XD


Lol, I was playing around photoshop a while ago and decided to do this uh.. chibi-thingy? roflmao. You’ll be seeing that quite often.

Anyways, up to the point. I’m not doing so much episodic blogging anymore because.. it’s crazy. I’ll guess I’ll just blog an episode when I actually have something to say about it that is different to what I’m always saying. XP Thou that also depends on my mood, there’s a big chance that I blog about things when I’m in the mood (ex. Love Berrish: Last Chapter)! :3 Posts about anime, manga and other stuff can appear randomly when I’m in the moooood. That’s the main purpose in my blog, RANDOMNESS. 😆 I’d be mostly doing animanga-related stuff and when I’m the jazz to blog about it I will if not, I won’t.

On the other hand, I’m loosing my touch on episodic blogging; the picture-spamming-and-comment type. It’s getting busier for me now so.. short entries for now?

See you around in the blogosphere~♪

Valkyria Chronicles 05 – Do not let its cuteness fool you..


The episode will not be complete without Hans, truly.  Who cares about Swine Flu with a cute pig like that? Not me. Hey, since Alicia kept this winged-pig already, the pig will be showing again some time soon? :>


I can’t comment on anything about this episode except for the fact that Alicia’s being so tsuntsun. Yes, she does have the right to get mad at Faldio for saying something like that in front of so many people who I assume got the wrong idea. (Gee. People XD) Although she doesn’t have to be so insensitive about it.

Also, she complains too much about Welkin and Faldio and sometimes act like she doesn’t trust them but.. that’s what most heroines are, right? Then again, this is war were talking about why act so tsuntsun during war? You’ll most likely end up in trouble if you do so 😛

K-On! ep. 05 – Sawako Yamanaka: Rock star turned teacher


Reveal yourself, Sawako-sensei!

That was about 3-4 chapters of the manga in this episode right? Well besides that, I think I’ve gotten moe overdose with this episode, really. It was an extra funny episode mainly because of Sawako-sensei. In RL, would you really expect someone like that to turn out to be something like that in the past? Not usually.

Throw in some moe moe Mio, moe Yui, funnehh Ritsu, obsessive admirant Tsumugi, crazy doki-doki lyrics and of course, our favorite rocker sensei and we have episode 5 of K-On!

Then again, despite the amusement I get from this show somehow I feel like ‘it’s-all-the-same-shit’ when I see them acting so moe. I tell you, moe isn’t that good when it’s being overused. Sometimes Mio and Yui gets on my nerves when they act so moe but I admit, it’s still what you can call cute. This is why I really look up on Ritsu. I’m crazy no?

K-On! ep. 02 & 03 – Everyone watches it for Mio..


..or Yui.. or Ritsu.. or Mugi 😀 or Ui XD

Doesn’t everyone? I guess I’ve realized that it’s not actually the plot that perks up people’s interest but the characters. Especially Mio. It’s true that I like Mio too but with the second episode I’ve come to love the other characters too. Most of all, Ritsu! It’s Ritsu’s cheerful personality that makes me want to glomp her along with Mio. *evil laugh*

No matter what critiques and other bloggers say about K-On! being a waste of time, I don’t really think it’s a waste of time because it’s entertaining to watch. It might sound biased because I’m a music lover hence, to be straight to the point, it’s just plain fun. Maybe you’d die of the amount of moe you can find in this show but that’s not the only thing that the show has. Actually, it has potential too.

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Nyoron Churuya-san~ 01-03 – The chibi of the season?!♥

Wow, Churuya is very very small. But very very chibi-cute!

Wow, Churuya-san is very very small. But very very chibi-cute!

OMG. I totally love Churuya-san! *huggles her* Those the episodes may be more or less a minute short, it’s worth it because of it’s cuteness~ What I love most are chibis! Hehe. What I’m weirded out (but still okay for me) are the other character’s faces. I was in the LOL state when I first saw those. Very funny.


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