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On finishing Maria†Holic…


So after 12 episodes of dramatic nosebleeds from Kanako, Maria Holic has indeed ended. I temporarily stopped watching Maria Holic back on episode 9 because of a busy schedule and now I was able to finish watching the series. I was greatly disappointed though.

Well, I still have the manga to await for. 😀

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Maria†Holic 08 – “Seito Kaichou no kawaii~♥” – Kanako

Is the kira-kira really necessary?

Is the kira-kira really necessary?

Not that I’m complaining but it seems to me that Kanako’s addiction to bishoujos are getting quite out of hand. It’s amusing to watch her spurt blood because of all the bishoujo-goodness around her but is that really possible? I know this is anime but it just isn’t that fascinating to see anymore.

Nonetheless I still like this series very much. 😀 This episode was focusing on the Virgin Mary Festival and how excited Kanako is to see people do angel cosplay. *how typical* And yes, like you see in the image, she’s taken liking to Shiki Ayari and the Seito FukuKaichou or something..

Maria Holic Licensed! But wait! It’s Tokyopop…?

Source: ANN

Oh Yey! Maria Holic is one of my current favorites in the manga category so I’m glad that it’s going to be licensed in english.I can finally collect Maria Holic?

I guess so, my only little problem is what company will be licensing it which is… TOKYOPOP.

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Catching Up on My Weekly Animes – 01

Wow, it’s been a while, like, 2 weeks since I watched these shows that I’m now blogging. It’s mainly because I’ve been so busy with school and some personal things but now that I have time, I decided to post.

Hopefully it won’t be that long because I think it’s just mainly gonna be blurbs and some caps.

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Maria Holic 02 – “Eh?! Koi?!”

Haha! I knew it! lawl.

Haha! I knew it! lawl.

The first day Kanako’s been waiting for! How would it turn out to be?

Kanako’s addiction to cute girls, which causes her to nosebleed is a biggie on this episode which I kind of find annoying but despite that, feelings start to branch out on the tree of love.

But then again, what’s irritating is that Kanako is a naive girl, while Mariya is just tortureful. *laughs*

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Maria Holic ep. 1 – “Kakkoi!”

You think shes cool. Well youre wrong cuz HEs cool.

You think she's cool. Well you're wrong cuz HE's cool.

This was the first thing I watched before opening up my anime log and I still haven’t logged it in. I’m such an idiot
The story is about a Kanako, who transfers to an all-girls school with the hopes of finding her destined partner. The problem? She isn’t exactly loooking men as she is ‘allergic’ to them and breaks out in hives whenever one touches her so she’s finding her destined yuri partner. She’s just your girl-loving tomboy right? Boring.
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