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First Impressions: Shangri-La doesn’t impress me D:


Despite the good premise that Shangri-La has, seeing it in action turned out for the worst. I don’t know if I should blame this to Gonzo or something but, as far as I know, they’ve done quite a good job with Saki so, why not with Shangri-La too?

I wasn’t able to last like, 15 minutes of watching it because it just got utterly booooring. About Kumiko, I don’t know why but I can’t feel the vibe she brings. Everything that I’ve seen makes the good plot completely pointless in my opinion.

Not to be harsh but I didn’t really like the character designs; it was too disturbing for a fact. *sigh* I guess this goes to my dropped list.


Gokujou Mecha Mote Iinchou – You want PHAIL? :D

gmmirageGokujou Mecha Mote Iinchou was PHAIL. Ughh.

At first I thought I could put up with the freakin’ fugly animation BUT as time passed I just couldn’t take it anymore. OTL. As someone who likes the manga, I should say, I’m great disappointed with this. The supposedly doki-doki part turned out meh to me because of the awful 2D-going-3D-looking animation. And God the EYES! They’re so annoying huge! It’s fine in the manga but this is just way low on expectations. Probably because I wasn’t able to see a proper PV of this 😐

So guess what, I’m dropping this series and the only way I’d watch the remaining episodes is when boredom breaks loose and I’m in the mood to RAGE. So yeah, I was and is annoyed by this even though I like it but everytime I see a 2D-going-3D scene, it makes me feel as if I’m watching someone play a video game. *sigh*

On finishing Maria†Holic…


So after 12 episodes of dramatic nosebleeds from Kanako, Maria Holic has indeed ended. I temporarily stopped watching Maria Holic back on episode 9 because of a busy schedule and now I was able to finish watching the series. I was greatly disappointed though.

Well, I still have the manga to await for. 😀

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Skip Beat 25 – “It’s the ending right…?”

You know, things like that are better said than be thought. :PP

You know, things like that are better said than be thought. :PP

FINALLY, a 25 episode Fall Anime that I actually got to finish!

Okay… so tell me, is this really the end of Skip Beat? It seemed to me like a cliffhanger waiting for another episode. I’m disappointed that it turned out the way I feared it would – a unconcluded ending. It was a meer, “Let’s see what awaits me/us in the future!” ending. >:| Isn’t that just soooo annoying? But heck, we still have the manga right? 😀

Seriously, the only thing that I found amusing here is Yashiro-san and his antics. I don’t think it’s right for me to complain but I just have to because this kind of ending never satisfies anyone, i tell you. Now be prepared for my rants..

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Skip Beat 24 Rants

Ogawa-san is so darn funny! (Hes sooo like Kyoko.)

Ogata-san is so darn funny! (He's sooo like Kyoko.)

 So.. it’s episode 24 already.. right? And as far as I know we’re just at Ren’s realization of his love for Kyoko (doh. it’s obviously implied in the show). And what’s next week’s episode? That’s right, it’s the LAST EPISODE. And what does that bring us to? An obvious anime-original ending, of course. Mehhh.

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Busy Schedule

Even though this is just a personal blog between Akane and I but hey, we haven’t updated for more than a week or less, I guess? Our reason? Well, I am studying for our exams while Akane is out there in Japan having all the fun. 😐 It’s our last chance in school so I thought that I should be more serious than how I usually am and that is sooo far from being serious.

On the anime side, I’ve hold as well as my winter series too because of too much stress from school and you know that stress ain’t exactly a good thing. HAHA. Anyways, it’s like that. When will my blogging resume? It depends, really. It’s either I’m busy or I’m just plain bored and lazy. *laughs*

I haven’t been buying any manga for 2 straight months now! Ughh. (That’s primarily because I’m broke right now) So, I’m just reading ones I find at onemanga and mangafox. Sometimes, I TRY to read the RAWs but yeah, it just doesn’t go well. I just hope that this summer(in my place) I get to do what I want. 😛

High School Musical by Asabuki Mari and Disney :|

High School Musical [Manga Adapatation]

Story by: Disney ; Artwork by Asabuki Mari

Yes, it’s the manga version. At first I was shocked to hear that it would be getting a manga adaption, no less by Asabuki Mari(mangaka of Badminton Girl). I admit, I watched the movies(all 3 of them) and was at least satisfied. BUT I still really can’t get over the fact as to why this just had to be adapted to manga. I mean, there are other movies which you can turn into manga but why this?

Anyways, if you’re wondering how I managed to read it, it’s because I had a new friend(yes, a foreigner) who had this and she lent me this. haha. I’m lucky, ain’t I?

Mehh. Whatever. The artwork wasn’t so appealing. In a sense that they almost do not look like the original characters of the story. And look at Chad(it’s Chad right?)’s hair! I mean, wth?!  If you are going to ask what part of the movie is this then I tell you, it’s more like High School Musical 3 only. Well, duhh isn’t it obvious in the cover? *I admit at first it was not for me*

To me, it was failure but it did have some good parts in it too.. I think? I’m surprised to see one of Mari Asabuki’s works like this. Well, it isn’t her fault that she can’t exactly copy the faces of the characters but only their stereotypes.


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