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K-On! 04 – Of Swimsuits, moe meido Mio and ugly barnacles

Moe moe mio, anyone?

Moe moe mio, anyone?

After 4 weeks of airing, K-On! episode 4 was probably the episode that moetards and Mio fans liked the most – so far. Isn’t it? I don’t remember this being focused on much in the 4-koma but what do you expect from KyoAni to give fans what they want?

Honestly, it was a pretty funny episode. Although this was supposed to be a training camp, it turned out to be a vacation and beach fun right? Poor Mio, no one listens to her. :O

So why do I think people loved episode 4? Simple..

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Quick Blog Update: Moe Moe Kyun~?

miobannerdesuu1image used is from: 晴。 @ pixiv

I know I’ve had a lot of banner changes this april because… well.. I get bored with stuff lately. *smiles* So here, I found a cute fanart of Mio in a meido costume supposedly doing the ‘Moe Moe Kyun~♥’ thing. Flustered Mio is cute :3. Also, Yui and Ritsu at the background are adorable XD

Expect this one to last longer because I actually like it  :>


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