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Nyoron Churuya-san ep. 13: The End of great nonsense randomness!

So.. it ended not-so-long ago but this is just when I had time to insert this in my busy schedule and I was able to finish it – successfully XD. Amidst the great nonsense randomness that this show had brought us, it was good while it lasted. 😆 Wasn’t it? I doubt that many watched this(though I still think many did; this is still an ONA of the Haruhi series :P) but it’s actually really entertaining and a great thing to waste your time with. lmao XP

No, it’s not a waste of time at all. Plus, it only lasts for a minute or two so with a total of 13 episodes you’ll be spending an estimated time of 20-30 minutes of watching this. Totally worth it – supposedly. The comedy is not overdone and it’s still funny; yupp, just easy laughs..

I’m going to miss Churuya-san~ X3

Nyoron~ :3



Isnt that just a nice way to welcome spring?~

Isn't that just a nice way to welcome spring?~

It’s March! Well, a day before March but who cares?! XD In honor of my new chibi addiction, I made the march banner’s spotlight: Churuya-san! Isn’t she just so adorable?

Actually, there’s another reason why I chose Churuya-san as my header this March. Isn’t March the start of spring and the spring animes? That’s right. And spring is green. Churuya is green. Get it?  Lol. Anyways, as long as my mood/addiction goes to another, this one’s gonna stay until the end of March. 😀

Nyoron Churuya-san~ 01-03 – The chibi of the season?!♥

Wow, Churuya is very very small. But very very chibi-cute!

Wow, Churuya-san is very very small. But very very chibi-cute!

OMG. I totally love Churuya-san! *huggles her* Those the episodes may be more or less a minute short, it’s worth it because of it’s cuteness~ What I love most are chibis! Hehe. What I’m weirded out (but still okay for me) are the other character’s faces. I was in the LOL state when I first saw those. Very funny.


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