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Quick First Impressions: Tears to Tiara and Hanasakeru Seishounen

riannonDespite these two not being on my watch list, I thought I’d give it a try and for once, I realized I wasted my time on watching one of them(almost). I blame myself for watching something I didn’t find interesting in the first place. But trying doesn’t hurt right? Well, I was wrong.

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Skip Beat 24 Rants

Ogawa-san is so darn funny! (Hes sooo like Kyoko.)

Ogata-san is so darn funny! (He's sooo like Kyoko.)

 So.. it’s episode 24 already.. right? And as far as I know we’re just at Ren’s realization of his love for Kyoko (doh. it’s obviously implied in the show). And what’s next week’s episode? That’s right, it’s the LAST EPISODE. And what does that bring us to? An obvious anime-original ending, of course. Mehhh.

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Maria†Holic 08 – “Seito Kaichou no kawaii~♥” – Kanako

Is the kira-kira really necessary?

Is the kira-kira really necessary?

Not that I’m complaining but it seems to me that Kanako’s addiction to bishoujos are getting quite out of hand. It’s amusing to watch her spurt blood because of all the bishoujo-goodness around her but is that really possible? I know this is anime but it just isn’t that fascinating to see anymore.

Nonetheless I still like this series very much. 😀 This episode was focusing on the Virgin Mary Festival and how excited Kanako is to see people do angel cosplay. *how typical* And yes, like you see in the image, she’s taken liking to Shiki Ayari and the Seito FukuKaichou or something..

Catching Up on My Weekly Animes – 01

Wow, it’s been a while, like, 2 weeks since I watched these shows that I’m now blogging. It’s mainly because I’ve been so busy with school and some personal things but now that I have time, I decided to post.

Hopefully it won’t be that long because I think it’s just mainly gonna be blurbs and some caps.

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Asu no Yoichi eps. 02-03

Catching up on Asu no Yoichi, I guess it’s acceptable for me to say that if it turns out that there will be a main pairing in this one then it’d be Yoichi and Ibuki. It’s been obvious like, forever.

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