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Arisa chap. 05 – The Athletic Festival is Targetted

Could this series be anymore mysterious and suspenseful!?


You think you’ve got it figured out by the end of the fourth chapter huh? Well, think again! This is where Chapter 5 comes in with juicy revelations and even more mysteries to be solved.

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Watashi ni xx Shinasai! ch. 01 – Fall in love with me!


Ice queens.. popular playboys.. fake love that is surely to turn into a real one .. cellphone novels..

It’s here! Watashi ni xx Shinasai! (Do xx to me!)’s first chapter is here! Now get up and go read this one now. X3

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Junjou Romantica is guilty pleasure – sort of?


I don’t really watch yaoi.. actually, I’ve never watched/seen/read anything that yaoi because somehow, it scares me. I know, pretty funny right? Admitting that I was that scared of yaoi is like admitting to the world the worst thing you could ever imagine! 😆

Well, I’m not exactly saying that I’m in “love” with Junjou Romantica but it’s fine. Yaoi still pretty much scares the hell out of me and all but it isn’t half-bad at all. I like yuri (for a girl) so I guess it’s not that bad liking yaoi even just a little bit right? My best friend is addicted to this one to the core, can’t really much blame her and she’s on the same case as I am. Used to hate yaoi but now she’s obsessed with it while I, well you could say it’s fine.

My favorite of the 3 pairs so far would be Nowaki and Hiroki. I dunno but I just like them – that’s how my crazy mind works! Akihiko and Misaki are fine, so are Miyagi and Shinobu. Normally I don’t like sappy romances, especially if it’s so impossible in many ways. I’m obviously complimenting and criticizing the show at the same time. xD

Since I’m still kind of indifferent with it, if the scenes go a bit intimate, I imagine that the uke is a girl XD Right now I’m still on the first season, unsure if I should watch the second one.>___<

Arisa chap. 04 – Manabe Tomoyoshi


Just when you thought you’ve managed to solve one of the mysteries in this series, chapter 4 enters the scene and makes reader’s assumptions wrong. And when I said readers, that includes me.

It thrills me to read something like this and there was not a point where I feel bored because every revelation or secret seems to jerk you up to pay even closer attention!. Example is when I thought Manabe’s already an ally because he said that he hated the King for manipulating their class but then here comes a scene with Takeru going to his(Manabe’s) apartment and seeing pictures of the class and there was one photo of Arisa where it was written: “Sonoda Arisa is a traitor”

Well, it got me totally dumbfounded. I mean, god, how confusing can this get? 😆

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First Impressions: 07-Ghost ep. 01-03 – Who’s your bishie?

MIKAGE <3 TEITO *glomps*

Is it tsuntsun Teito, super adorable Mikage or smexy hot bishop Frau? or super strict-o Aya-chii? :>Take your pick.

Well if you ask me, I’d pick them all. Though I’m not that brief on Ayanami. :I

BEWARE of massive rage and fangirling beyond this point. XD

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Axis Powers: Hetalia Second Season Announced!

Yep, that’s right, a 26-episode second season of Hetalia is in the works and said to run sometime after the summer season.

I can’t believe it; another 26 episodes of Hetalia goodness! This has made my day when I heard about it and a feeling of overexcitement came to me. 😀 Surely I’ll be blogging this if I’m not busy since I’m the busiest person at Fall and Winter. XD

[manga] ARISA chap. 3

ARISA chapter 3
by Natsumi Ando

Just gotten a hang of reading ARISA chap. 3 released by Nagare-boshi manga. It was a pretty suspenseful chapter considering how many discoveries Tsubasa has found out while pretending to be Arisa. You’re in for a thrilling chapter where you can find clues on your mysteries with this series.

Oooh and I tell you, there’s really shipping possibilities in here! >3<

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