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Pandora Hearts chapter 18: “..Her being like that seems so dazzling to me, but sometimes.. it also makes me feel bitter.. but she’s warm”

Oh god GIL, you smexy little thing, you just captured my heart even more~

Because this chapter is important, I decided to make a post on it, yes? Oz x Alice FTW :3

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Weekly Anime: Black & White, Christmas and Angst…?

Isn't that such a cute scene~?

Screw the ugleh title XP I liked the episodes in today’s Weekly Anime! Haha. It’s like a whole serving of mega chocolate cake in front of me! Ohohoho~ I only had the chance to watch all these yesterday and today and I still have tons of animes to watch and catch-up on(Winter and Fall animes)! But still, these are my current loves~

Weekly Anime Includes:

  • Pandora Hearts ep. 07
  • Eden of the East ep. 06
  • Hatsukoi Limited ep. 06
  • K-On! ep. 07
  • Saki ep. 07

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Hikari to Hotaru has a new server.. YAY! *hugs this new site*

[image is not mine, it’s from a member in pixiv]

That’s right,Hikari to Hotaru has moved to this new server. Isn’t that fun? The url is now: ! :3

After hours of me trying to figure out what to do I finally got it working, YAY~ 😆 So starting today, May 17, 2009, I’ll be posting here. So, see you around~ <33

By the way, as long as the linkage from animenano and other sites are not yet fixed I’m going to be cross-posting with my wordpress account too. ^__^

Also, I’ve been in a hype in making rotating banners ^w^(I’m not done yet) Here are what I have so far…

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Pandora Hearts ep. 02-03: The contract was an excuse for a hawt kiss-u.


Wasn’t it? XD I’m really sorry to those who dropped this series after watching the first episode because the third one rocked! Plus you see Oz x Alice goodness! I actually think that the real thing starts at the second episode.

Pandora Hearts has a mysterious vibe around it that makes it so interesting to watch no matter how ughh the animation can get. There’s a fair amount of characters so far that can make you easily remember them and all of them have pleasing characteristics. Don’t they?

All I look forward to in the near future is some of the plot and more Oz x Alice shipping. Yesh, I’m addicted C:< This so makes me want to read the manga [even though I have a lot going through] So which episode do I like better? Do you even have to ask? :]

On the looks of what happened in the recent episodes, it seems that there is even more character development given to both Alice and Oz. Despite that, there are still a lot of mysteries left untold for them to discover. The one with the shinigamis and so on. I really wonder what’ll happen now that the contract has been issued (by a kiss, mind you!).

Some screencaps from episode 2 and short summaries:

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First Impressions: Tayutama & Pandora Hearts

I’ve been very late with my first impressions these days because of my hectic schedule. *sigh* It’s already the 2nd(going 3rd) week of the Spring Animes and yet, here I am still doing the first impressions.

These two are two of my normal priority(or medium, if you want) shows that I will be watching  when I am in the mood or have time but of course, will be following them every week.

Let’s start…? 😀

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That's right, Hikari to Hotaru has moved to a better server:

Please take your time to visit there and comment if you like. I'd love you so much if you do~ <3
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