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Love Berrish!: Last Chapter <333 [SPOILERS]


Um.. tell me again when Love Berrish ended? Wasn’t that about.. 2 years ago? And now you see this post about the last chapter which was like published 2 years ago!? Lmao.

It was only now that I got the chance to see the RAWs of the last chapter, so now that I’ve finished reading it, let’s have a brief review about it, ne? 😀

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Ribon Manga Releases: March 13, 2009


Because I’m good, I thought of adding this section in our blog. (Of course, with Kitari’s consent) So anyhow, these are the following mangas that will be released on March 13, 2009 so look forward to it! ところで、あなたは、新しいカバーを愛していないのですか?特に桜姫華伝?

Fly High vol. 1 by Natsumi Oouchi

Sakura Hime Kaden vol. 1 by Arina Tanemura

Ren’ai 1 Nensei by Kurosaki Minori

I’m looking forward to buy both Fly High vol. 1 and Sakura Hime Kaden vol. 1 when I visit Japan this March 16. Ohh I’m so excited! These too are among the manga series that I’m following and I think it’s best if I also buy the tankoban. Both sensei’s works have been on impact to me that I’ve read and collected them too. (Well, not all but the most notable works that I liked. :P)

About Ren’ai 1 Nensei, I don’t know if I will buy it or not because even though the drawing style is good, I can’t say much about the story BUT it’s good too. I’m just not that satisfied with it. I’m having second thoughts about it though.


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