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Weekly Anime: Black & White, Christmas and Angst…?

Isn't that such a cute scene~?

Screw the ugleh title XP I liked the episodes in today’s Weekly Anime! Haha. It’s like a whole serving of mega chocolate cake in front of me! Ohohoho~ I only had the chance to watch all these yesterday and today and I still have tons of animes to watch and catch-up on(Winter and Fall animes)! But still, these are my current loves~

Weekly Anime Includes:

  • Pandora Hearts ep. 07
  • Eden of the East ep. 06
  • Hatsukoi Limited ep. 06
  • K-On! ep. 07
  • Saki ep. 07

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Saki 02 – Are you sure this ain’t shoujo-ai? XD


I’ve downloaded this episode like, 3 days ago and yet I was only able to watch it now. Though some may have found the series confusing because they don’t have interest in mahjong, and also dropped it after the first episode; I for one enjoyed this show and also this second episode. I mean, isn’t that just inhuman?! She won without knowing it!

Okay, enough about that, the deal today is, does this show exactly have shoujo-ai? The internet says it doesn’t but the way they blush misleadingly implys that there is. I’m sure it’s just pure admiration or embarrassment, nothing further. Hopefully. XD

Anyways, this episode has the opening and the cute, chibified and almost-Yuuki centric ending! Ahh. Here’s one again where I liked the ED better than the OP. (i.e. K-On!) That seldom happens before but wow, now it did! >:]

Third episode, where are youuuus? (lol. I just can’t wait for sunday *laughs*)

Quick First Impressions – Saki


I was able to watch Saki yesterday after my friends left my house and I didn’t expect it to be so good. Honestly, I know NOTHING about mahjong so when I was watching this and learning some new and unfamiliar terms like Riichi, Ron, Dora and etc. I was so confused!

I’m sure those who find mahjong interesting would like to watch this show. 😉

Nonetheless, I was rather surprised that this was a Gonzo creation because it didn’t suck at all. It was catchy, you know? The characters are not all that amazing but their amusing to watch and I can get into the flow so as long as it’s like that I’m surely going to love this.I’m looking forward to the next episode now. ^^

See what I mean by quick? XD

EDIT: I think this one’s going of be one of the 3 shows that I’m planning to separately blog. Spring has been quite a disappointment so I’m glad I’ll just blog a few.


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