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Pandora Hearts ep. 02-03: The contract was an excuse for a hawt kiss-u.


Wasn’t it? XD I’m really sorry to those who dropped this series after watching the first episode because the third one rocked! Plus you see Oz x Alice goodness! I actually think that the real thing starts at the second episode.

Pandora Hearts has a mysterious vibe around it that makes it so interesting to watch no matter how ughh the animation can get. There’s a fair amount of characters so far that can make you easily remember them and all of them have pleasing characteristics. Don’t they?

All I look forward to in the near future is some of the plot and more Oz x Alice shipping. Yesh, I’m addicted C:< This so makes me want to read the manga [even though I have a lot going through] So which episode do I like better? Do you even have to ask? :]

On the looks of what happened in the recent episodes, it seems that there is even more character development given to both Alice and Oz. Despite that, there are still a lot of mysteries left untold for them to discover. The one with the shinigamis and so on. I really wonder what’ll happen now that the contract has been issued (by a kiss, mind you!).

Some screencaps from episode 2 and short summaries:

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(Late) First Impressions: Valkyria Chronicles

Look at that, Ms. Patrol is blushing~! ❤

For the first time, after so long, I watched an anime that’s about a war or shall I say, action-packed. Valkyria doesn’t really fall for that category but you could consider that as is. Watching Valkyria made me want to expect more like, what will happen to the both of them? Or something like will these two end up with each other?

Yes, hopeful fangirling is always necessary because you never know what’ll happen. This one thing makes me go as far research about the show and the game.

It was only last night that I was able to watch Valkyria Chronicles because of my busy schedule. The question now is, did Valkyria Chronicles capture my loving heart? The answer?

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Kitchen Princess vol. 9 – So, is he the one?

9780345510266Kitchen Princess vol. 9

Story by: Miyuki Kobayashi | Art by: Natsumi Ando

So I finally got outside to my local bookstore, and buy some manga with the discount that I get for being a local customer. I actually bought only 2 mangas because 1. I’m broke and 2. I was in a hurry buying. But anyways, I got to read the volume later this day and I could say, this volume was a little less gloomy than the 8th. It had it’s good sides and of course,  the bad sides.

*For those who haven’t read this series, this is highly recommended!

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Arisa chap. 1 – I wanna be like Arisa-chan~!

Kyaaaa~ After my wait I’ve finally gotten to read Arisa chapter 1! I was really looking forward to this one. And judging by the first chapter, Natsumi Ando-sensei, you’re just too awesome!

Well, of course she is! She’s also one of the makers of Kitchen Princess and Zodiac P.I.

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Asu no Yoichi 06-07: I see a new ship-ping~♪

Ahhh~ Young Love..? ♥♪

I can never seem to make a decent and serious post when it comes to this series. tsk.tsk. To be honest, I only watch this show for the romanchu moments between the characters and I don’t care about the plot anymore, it just seems too nonsense for me. I mean, god can’t they just understand that this guy is trying to live out a normal life? Ughh. So annoying.

Nonetheless, in these two episodes, I found a new shipping! Probably, this my favorite shipping in Asu no Yoichi because as much as I like IbukixYoichi, it’s just to ecchi. Judging by the image I guess you know who those two are in my shipping right? Masashi and Kagome!♥

There were a lot of their moments in episode 07 and despite the unending PHAIL of Yoichi and his harem, I enjoyed the episode.

PS. I really pity Ayame on this. *laughs*

White Album 2 – Rina is my second Utau-chan~

Yep. And this is how we like it.

Yep. And this is how we like it.

I can never seem to imagine myself writing a post about White Album. To be blunt, the only motivation I get to watch this show is Rina-sana! I actually kinda liked this episode because Rina got to meet Touya already. It just seems to confusing to me of whats happening around the show unless it involves Rina-sama~ And I noticed one thing, not only do they both have the same seiyuu but they’re actually alike in many special ways. Bitchy to those who are bitchy to them and very friendly to their friends and those who do good to them.

White Album 1 – Yuki is so not

See who the real goddess is...?

See who the real goddess is…?

Just started watching White Album and just by episode 1 I could say that Yuki is the stereotype naive and weak heroine. I just don’t like her at all. You know what..? The episode was really boring to me that I can’t understand what’s what, UNTIL Rina has screentime!

Like what other people say, she may be a bitch but she’s a good bitch. One that is always there for her friends. Seriously, this is just a quickpress so it’s very short so my conclusion is that I want Rina x Touya shipping than #$%^&* Yuki. *smile*


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