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Eden of the East 02 – Juiz is awesome. `nuff said.


Why is it that everyone here has cool cellphones?! D:<

Just gotten the hang of watching Eden of the East 02 and complaining about the heat here at the Philippines and hate to make it sound so overrated but it’s good! Definitely! Every fangirling-worthy moment, I was there to do so but aside that, what really hooked me into this episode was how the mysteries seem to get bigger and bigger.Now, they arrive at Japan and another set of questions enter my mind – too much that I can’t make myself post about it.

The best thing in this episode was, the Akira x Saki bonding. I’m sure you all agree on that. 😉

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First Impressions: Eden of the East


Without a doubt, if you’re looking for something good to watch, follow and blog this spring season then this anime’s for you.Really. The premise might sound a bit strange at first but let it sink through you and watch the first episode and I assure you, and other bloggers do so too, that you won’t regret watching this.

I’ve this weird saying, ‘Those who will play with cats must expect to be scratched.’ but I guess that with this show, I proved that this isn’t always right. This show didn’t fulfill my expectations, it surpassed it. What’s good about the show is that the plot seemed and looks so real. It’s funny how these two crossed paths and how they eventually because friends (or acquaintances). Two thumbs up for this show!

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First Impressions – Hatsukoi Limited – “Have you been in love?”

Again, this is an example of a heart’s deep confusion and fright. *nods*

I don’t know how to express how much I was exited to watch and love Hatsukoi Limited! I vowed to watch this after I finished the manga so here I am now! lol. It’s kinda nostalgic when I watched the episode but it was still a fun and worthwile watch. Not regretting anything about Hatsukoi Limited at all.

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