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K-On! ep. 06 – Festival Time!



It’s Budokan time in K-On! While the episode was fun as it is, most especially the performance itself, I can’t help but notice how KyoAni makes Mio appear to look so moe. I dunno if it’s the KyoAni thing but it’s kinda meh. I mean, she wasn’t that moe in the manga but in the anime it looks like she’s been moe-fied 10x! This is one thing that makes her so popular among the guys isn’t it? But then again, too much moeness gets irritating for me, this is why my favorite character is Ritsu.

I mean if you look at it in a perspective where moe doesn’t exist, Ritsu is the only one who’s still so likeable. For me, her jumpy attitude is one of her good characteristics. To think that Mio was supposed to be the mature type; well, I never really looked up on the mature types, I’m more on the cool and hyper type like Ritsu. XP *huggles Ritsu-chan~* Ritsu ftw!

Anyways, like I said, I was kind off amazed at the performance. God, I love their outfits! me WANTS! lmao. Even though KyoAni decided to make it appear like a music video than the performance itself, it was still o-kay. The skit was funny to watch 😆 It’s just poor for Mio getting exposed. XP


New April Banner Up!

It's PINK. My fave color~♥♪

It's PINK. My fave color~♥♪

I’ve finally gotten myself to make a very special banner – the April banner~! Why is it so special? Well it’s only because April is my birth month! That’s right, I’m getting a year older again on the 9th. It’s too bad I can’t actually celebrate it on that day because it’s Holy Thursday. I found the picture from Anna’s blog.

You know what? I really like this one because it’s PINK. My girlish and favorite color. >:D I’ve done extra effort on this one if you haven’t noticed. XDD

I don’t really know if it suits the theme because gawd is soooo limited. 😦 But that’s all that I have now..

Anyways, I really look forward for April! Plus, it’s our summer vacation! :3

Weekly Manga~♪ -Oneshots- (Part 1)

'I'll catch you when you fall' much?

'I'll catch you when you fall' much?

Lately, the mangas I’ve been reading are oneshots. I dunno why but it feels better that way. Plus, these oneshots I’ve read for this week were totally amazing and it makes me go doki-doki.♥

Part two will be posted sooner or later. Maybe tomorrow? Oh and it’ll be much longer

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Hidarite no Love Letter – Story 01

Title(English): Left Hand Love Letter

Author/Artist: Chiba Kozue

Story: Main Story

Okay.. I was in the mood to post about a manga one-shot because this one’s just sooo cute. Cliche, yes but total cuteness! A must read! Oh and, this is just the main story of Hidarite and not yet including the other chapters which have no relation to the main story.  SPOILERS beware. *winks*

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ToraDora SOS 01 – Chibi goodness, anyone~?

OMG!! So cute~♥♪

OMG!! So cute~♥♪

I opened to find any new sub releases and I find this! How great is that?

To be honest, I never heard of ToraDora having a ‘ToraDora SOS’ ONA(Original Net Anime) and more importantly, it’s CHIBI! That’s just like, the greatest thing about it. Lolz. Like most ONAs, the story of every episode is not related to one another or sometimes nonsensible but it’s still fun to watch~

It’s just so funny that this episode is about a mere spaghetti. XD


Isnt that just a nice way to welcome spring?~

Isn't that just a nice way to welcome spring?~

It’s March! Well, a day before March but who cares?! XD In honor of my new chibi addiction, I made the march banner’s spotlight: Churuya-san! Isn’t she just so adorable?

Actually, there’s another reason why I chose Churuya-san as my header this March. Isn’t March the start of spring and the spring animes? That’s right. And spring is green. Churuya is green. Get it?  Lol. Anyways, as long as my mood/addiction goes to another, this one’s gonna stay until the end of March. 😀

Nyoron Churuya-san~ 01-03 – The chibi of the season?!♥

Wow, Churuya is very very small. But very very chibi-cute!

Wow, Churuya-san is very very small. But very very chibi-cute!

OMG. I totally love Churuya-san! *huggles her* Those the episodes may be more or less a minute short, it’s worth it because of it’s cuteness~ What I love most are chibis! Hehe. What I’m weirded out (but still okay for me) are the other character’s faces. I was in the LOL state when I first saw those. Very funny.


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