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Blog Status: Spring Anime Workload!?

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Just when you thought that the work is over, it’s not! What work is it exactly? Watching anime, doh! XD Basically, here’s some random filler post of the animes in categories related to blogging and watching it. Also, as to why I do so. 😛

 Again, everything stated here doesn’t go along when I’m not in the mood. It all depends on my good old mood.

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First Impressions – K-On!

You know, I just had to use this pic 😉

Here it is, my first Spring Anime! Big big sorry if this doesn’t look like a First Impression. *bows* This one’s not actually on my guaranteed list because the plot didn’t get me that interested therefore it was put on the Cute and Watching list.  Well, what do you expect? MOE.

My mind completely chaged after watching the episode. I just couldn’t care less about the plot. Yeah, it’s a show about 4 girls who makes a club about music.. yadda.. yadda.. yadda. So what? Throw in MOE, KyoAni, the bass and especially music and surely I’m in for that! *laugh* Actually the plot is nice too but it’s too bland.

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Spring Anime Lineup!

Finally, I’ve gotten myself to post my Spring Anime Lineup. XD I feel that I really shouldn’t be doing this because if you must know, I still have a lot of Fall and Winter Anime to catch-up on.(Doing that this week or next week ;D). It’s just that I can’t resist the tempatation of the Spring Animes.

I should say, the varities are pretty good and what I’ve picked really sound so interesting. I also can’t wait for Summer (two Kanae Ito shows~) but right now it’s Spring that I’m handling. Though I ain’t pretty sure if I’ll be able to finish my spring so easily because on June, (i’m sure some shows I’ve picked will exceed up to June), our classes start so I’m going to get busy.

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