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Hatsukoi Limited 03


So this was the episode that made me go ‘:O’ in the manga. I tell you, an episode with Kusuda is a funny episode. Speaking of which, the later part of this episode was hell lot of LOLing because of him. XD It was a great episode that makes you want to go ‘Awww~’ because the interactions between these two can’t be helped but be laughed at. It’s as if they have this connection. But meh.

I think Kei has a problem with people. Likely, her expectations are set too high that she doesn’t take notice of the normally good things that she has arround her. Well, you can’t complain if that’s her type but it’s not healthy. I mean, have you ever seen such a perfect guy? We’re all just humans, God!

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Hidarite no Love Letter – Story 01

Title(English): Left Hand Love Letter

Author/Artist: Chiba Kozue

Story: Main Story

Okay.. I was in the mood to post about a manga one-shot because this one’s just sooo cute. Cliche, yes but total cuteness! A must read! Oh and, this is just the main story of Hidarite and not yet including the other chapters which have no relation to the main story.  SPOILERS beware. *winks*

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Asu no Yoichi 06-07: I see a new ship-ping~♪

Ahhh~ Young Love..? ♥♪

I can never seem to make a decent and serious post when it comes to this series. tsk.tsk. To be honest, I only watch this show for the romanchu moments between the characters and I don’t care about the plot anymore, it just seems too nonsense for me. I mean, god can’t they just understand that this guy is trying to live out a normal life? Ughh. So annoying.

Nonetheless, in these two episodes, I found a new shipping! Probably, this my favorite shipping in Asu no Yoichi because as much as I like IbukixYoichi, it’s just to ecchi. Judging by the image I guess you know who those two are in my shipping right? Masashi and Kagome!♥

There were a lot of their moments in episode 07 and despite the unending PHAIL of Yoichi and his harem, I enjoyed the episode.

PS. I really pity Ayame on this. *laughs*

Clannad ~After Story~ 18-19 : “Papa!♥”

Father and Daugther Bonding!~♪

The former of these two episodes was a real tear-jerker for me. I mean, because of all the things that had happened between Tomoya and Ushio; I can’t help but cry buckets in front of my desktop!

Episode 19 just made me a little teary on the part of Tomoya’s dad.

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Skip Beat! – 17~19

The Angel and the Devil~♥

The Angel and the Devil~♥

Okay so, Skip Beat isn’t one of my animes that I put on hold but it’s just because of life that I fail to post things on this blog. Well, how could you blame me? :]

I don’t have much to say about episode 17 and 18 but all I felt is excitement because this was actually what I was waiting for aside from the Dark Moon arc of Skip Beat.

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Asu no Yoichi 5 – Great rabu-rabu improvement?

Doesnt he look better in normal clothes?

Doesn't he look better in normal clothes?❀

Most probably, a show like this would go straight to the so-not-planning-to-watch list(if it exists) because I don’t like animes that are focused mostly on fanservice and the like. BUT aside from others, I actually can’t stop watching this show.

I know we’re just somewhere near the real plot development but that’s not what I’m attracted about Asu no Yoichi but it’s the romance. You see, I’m a romanCHU freak. No pun intended.

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Catching Up on My Weekly Animes – 01

Wow, it’s been a while, like, 2 weeks since I watched these shows that I’m now blogging. It’s mainly because I’ve been so busy with school and some personal things but now that I have time, I decided to post.

Hopefully it won’t be that long because I think it’s just mainly gonna be blurbs and some caps.

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