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Tayutama 02 – That old geezer’s a manipulator :O


I really find Yuuri’s dad so amusing and funny. Wow, he’s a blackmailer too? Other than that, those Tayutais are cute! *huggles*

Despite the fact that I found this episode quite fine, it just doesn’t help that the camera angles differ from time to time. I should say that it’s because of that that my headache getting worse now but meh.  Also, now I could say that I really couldn’t care less for the plot because it’s so vague. I never liked shows like that but considering that this is harem and the likes, I could handle watching it; while others might watch this for fanservice XD.

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First Impressions: Tayutama & Pandora Hearts

I’ve been very late with my first impressions these days because of my hectic schedule. *sigh* It’s already the 2nd(going 3rd) week of the Spring Animes and yet, here I am still doing the first impressions.

These two are two of my normal priority(or medium, if you want) shows that I will be watching  when I am in the mood or have time but of course, will be following them every week.

Let’s start…? 😀

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