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ToraDora SOS 01 – Chibi goodness, anyone~?

OMG!! So cute~♥♪

OMG!! So cute~♥♪

I opened to find any new sub releases and I find this! How great is that?

To be honest, I never heard of ToraDora having a ‘ToraDora SOS’ ONA(Original Net Anime) and more importantly, it’s CHIBI! That’s just like, the greatest thing about it. Lolz. Like most ONAs, the story of every episode is not related to one another or sometimes nonsensible but it’s still fun to watch~

It’s just so funny that this episode is about a mere spaghetti. XD


ToraDora – “My Valentine♥”

Before I start school again, I decided to change the blog’s header and favicon to a theme that would likely fit into the Valentine mood in this month, February.

Why ToraDora you ask? Well, among the animes that I’m seriously watching right now, it’s practically one that has focus on love. Revelations and such, just fiting for the mood. And I was really excited about how it turned out. *hehe* The favicon was also ToraDora themed – it was created by plasticpistols from riotanthem. Thank you very much for that! :3

ToraDora 17 – My lovely holidays~

I believe that Santa will not visit naughty kids like you~!

Yup! I know that Santa visits the good kids~♪

Whoever said that it’s too late to celebrate christmas? No one did. Plus, it’s the start of the new arc!

I have nothing much to say about this episode except that since it’s Taiga’s favorite holiday, she’s being extra adorable and I like it. Just the way she should be~ But still a kickass girl of course!

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ToraDora ep. 16 – “Senpai! I love you!”

Shes rather cute in this expression, ne~?

She's rather cute in this expression, ne~?

On episode 15, Taiga decided to run for SCP in hopes that Kitamura will change his mind of not running for the position. This, according to Ryuuji and Taiga might change his mind as Taiga will seem to scare the people of her dictatorship as SCP. *haha* But then, it didn’t work out smoothly at all. So who else could change Kitamura’s mind? Sumire of course!

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My Fall Anime Progress Report

I could say, I’ve been very busy this Fall since it’s the 3rd quarter already in our school gawd we have a lot of things to be busy, worried, enthusiastic about. So, I don’t usually have the time to watch some of the Fall Animes that I chose to watch for particular reasons. Well, no one can blame me for being busy right? And the Fall has a lot of great animes! *laughs*

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Toradora 15

*gasps* Kitamura? Good boy gone bad?

*gasps* Kitamura? Good boy gone bad?

So, this episode focuses on Kitamura’s dilemma about the Student Council thing. People notice that he’s troubled when they see him acting all spaced out and weird before homeroom and he kept saying something about the Student Council. When their homeroom teacher congratulates him for being a Student Council President elect, he breaks out in a havoc and declares to everyone that he doesn’t want to be the SC President.

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ToraDora ep. 14

This post was posted late. Episode 15 is already available in raw 😐

Due to what happened to the Cultural Festival, a rumor has been going on that the people that Taiga beat up and touched had received good luck  and now people are going all nuts wanting to touch Taiga in hopes of acquiring good luck. Ami and Minori has had developments on their relationship with Ryuuji and a love shape seems to form.

On the other hand, some hints on the Sumire and Yuusaku’s real connection with each other.

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