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First Impressions: Natsu no Arashi

It was rather SHAFT-y.

Natsu no Arashi wasn’t something that I really wanted to see but it intrigued me because it’s SHAFT and I wanted to see how they produced Natsu no Arashi. I’m a fan of Jin Kobayashi’s School Rumble manga and if I compare this to that, this is nowhere near School Rumble’s fame. But, nonetheless, it’s something you could watch if you’re bored but for me, not really blogging-worthy.

What was disappointing for this first episode was that it didn’t seem like a first episode at all! There was no proper introduction of the characters and the plot. Wasn’t it supposed to be Hajime knowing Arashi’s secret first? I asked a friend, who actually reads/read Natsu no Arashi (I guess for leisure only because it’s not that good but it’s fine) and he said that what was featured in the first episode was what happened around chapter 18 or so in the manga. Imagine that!

I’m a big critique when it comes to the animation and character design (i.e. what happened to Gokujou) so I don’t watch shows that are very LQ even if the plot is somewhat interesting. Yes, I know that’s a bad quality but sometimes what’s more important is how you see it in action and not the plot itself.  So when I first saw the PV’s and the different illustrations, I was in deep thought on whether I would give this show a chance or not. I guess it’s good that I gave it a chance because even if I’ll be soon dropping this or just watching this when I’m bored, I still got to know this series.

I can’t believe that I got so intrigued to watch this but it’s worth a try. Probably going to drop this.. So for my last few words, bye-bye Natsu no Arashi!



Skip Beat 25 – “It’s the ending right…?”

You know, things like that are better said than be thought. :PP

You know, things like that are better said than be thought. :PP

FINALLY, a 25 episode Fall Anime that I actually got to finish!

Okay… so tell me, is this really the end of Skip Beat? It seemed to me like a cliffhanger waiting for another episode. I’m disappointed that it turned out the way I feared it would – a unconcluded ending. It was a meer, “Let’s see what awaits me/us in the future!” ending. >:| Isn’t that just soooo annoying? But heck, we still have the manga right? 😀

Seriously, the only thing that I found amusing here is Yashiro-san and his antics. I don’t think it’s right for me to complain but I just have to because this kind of ending never satisfies anyone, i tell you. Now be prepared for my rants..

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Skip Beat 24 Rants

Ogawa-san is so darn funny! (Hes sooo like Kyoko.)

Ogata-san is so darn funny! (He's sooo like Kyoko.)

 So.. it’s episode 24 already.. right? And as far as I know we’re just at Ren’s realization of his love for Kyoko (doh. it’s obviously implied in the show). And what’s next week’s episode? That’s right, it’s the LAST EPISODE. And what does that bring us to? An obvious anime-original ending, of course. Mehhh.

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Weekly Manga: March 08-10♪

Did you know that almost all the mangas I have read made me go doki-doki?♥

Did you know that almost all the mangas I have read made me go doki-doki?♥

These days some of my favorite mangas have been updated and I couldn’t help to post my fangirling, rants and blurbs about them. Ain’t that just so fun? Anyways, perhaps you already know how much of a romance-freak I am and all. If you’ll be asking why I’ve only read this now the reason is, I’m not fluent in Japanese so I just read the scanlations. LOL.

Anyways, let’s continue..?

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WTF is happening with White Album?!

And even now the loli is in the harem?!

And even now the loli is in the harem?!

I know I don’t watch White Album but looking around different animeblogs I still see episode summaries of this show and my initial reaction would always be, o.O WTF?! I mean, harems can be good but this one’s out of control. He has like, 5 girls more or less who fauns over him. (I’d put Rina in exception first because to me, she isn’t being a bitch and mostly because she’s just a goddess)

To think that I was planning to watch this but now.. I just don’t get it anymore. It’s a waste of time for me.

Skip Beat ep. 20-21 – Good Grief, it’s Tsukigomori`♥

Does this make you melt~? Not for me though. :D

Does this make you melt~? Not for me though. 😀

It’s finally the Dark Moon arc! Oh how I love this arc~ lalala. I can’t wait to see Kyoko as Mio in action! It’d be too awesome.  All I’m confused about is how many episodes will the arc take? Will it take the whole 4 episodes left? I just hope not. I want a good ending from this! If not then I wouldn’t help but petition for a second season.

Is it just me or shoujo titles are so short compared to shounen ones? Isn’t that a bit unfair~? >.< Anyways, look at Shugo Chara, 72 episodes but the manga only has 38 chapters! (Well, it is a big hit… but even so)!

Anyway, I love Kyoko in these two episodes. Hehe. She’s just being her usual self that’s why! I pity Ren though.. HA! That just goes to show that not all beautiful men have been in love. And what does that mean? Nothing really. And arrghhh that old bitch who played Mio in the Tsukigomori film is soooo annoying. 😐

White Album 08 – Seriously, is this show getting any progress AT ALL?

These few encounters makes me at least eager to watch out for it..

These few encounters makes me at least eager to watch out for it..

White Album is officially loosing it’s hopes of me watching it. I know some people feel like that too because imo, the plot is going nowhere. Add up the crazy harem this Touya has. The only motivation I get to watch this is hopes for seeing encounter between Rina and Touya. (I’m a hopeful fangirl, ain’t I~?)

I don’t really give a damn about how this story goes unless it actually doesn’t involve Rina anymore, Rina is queen! And she shall be forever! lol. Oh yeah, what the hell was Touya thinking kissing his girlfriend’s old & slutty manager? God, Touya!


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