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[manga] ARISA chap. 3

ARISA chapter 3
by Natsumi Ando

Just gotten a hang of reading ARISA chap. 3 released by Nagare-boshi manga. It was a pretty suspenseful chapter considering how many discoveries Tsubasa has found out while pretending to be Arisa. You’re in for a thrilling chapter where you can find clues on your mysteries with this series.

Oooh and I tell you, there’s really shipping possibilities in here! >3<

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Shugo Chara! Doki! ep. 76 – Purple + Ikuto = hawt [but sad..]



I know he was supposed to be all blank but I didn’t expect Satelight to make it this hawt good sad to look at!

Seeing this animated is good because it adds more suspense feeling of what will happen next but also, seeing this animated makes me pity Ikuto 100x than I did when I read the manga. (Imagine how much sadness I had back then..) 😦  Gehh.  He deserves happiness, nyaa~  I’m too sad to even mind the other things happening in this episode so I can’t say much..

But to be on the positive side of things, episode 77, although it might still have appearances of Death Rebel, is pretty fun based on the preview. HA. The awaited shower scene, they being busted by Mama and Tadase finding out about it. Isn’t that just fun? 😀

Arisa chap. 1 – I wanna be like Arisa-chan~!

Kyaaaa~ After my wait I’ve finally gotten to read Arisa chapter 1! I was really looking forward to this one. And judging by the first chapter, Natsumi Ando-sensei, you’re just too awesome!

Well, of course she is! She’s also one of the makers of Kitchen Princess and Zodiac P.I.

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Clannad ~After Story~ 20 – Fuuko-onee-chan? Kyou-sensei?

Fuuko is so adorable in this pic!

Fuuko is so adorable in this pic!

This episode was very nostalgic and it had mostly a good and happy vibe all-throughout the episode- except the last few minutes. Very nice indeed. Seeing Kyou and Fuuko both back is fun! Their attitude haven’t changed much at all! And that, I should be grateful about.

Although, I feel that this episode was just a fake barrier of happiness because we ALL know what’s going to happen next, don’t we? It’s a little frustrating to think about but that’s the story. Poor Tomoya though.

Skip Beat! – 17~19

The Angel and the Devil~♥

The Angel and the Devil~♥

Okay so, Skip Beat isn’t one of my animes that I put on hold but it’s just because of life that I fail to post things on this blog. Well, how could you blame me? :]

I don’t have much to say about episode 17 and 18 but all I felt is excitement because this was actually what I was waiting for aside from the Dark Moon arc of Skip Beat.

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Weekly Anime & Manga~?

Oh Man, if you know how busy I am these days, you’ll feel the pain. So, this is why I guess I have to limit myself for ummm.. blogging? It’s just a hazzle I tell you.

So I was thinking, maybe right now I could put the blurbs on the animes I’ve watched for the week in one post during Saturdays. Same goes for mangas but I’ll post those hopefully on Sundays? I don’t know. I just have a very complicated schedule! XD

Wahhh. Still so many homeworks to do!!! >.<

A Week without Anime

Nagisa Image

okay so why did I have to use this image?! >^<

This week was really  a hell of a confusion to me. Too much depression, school stuff, and of course, total cramming. Because of the given reasons, I didn’t exactly have the time to watch anime or make a blog post. All I was able to do is read mangas and news from ANN. See how my life has been so drastic?

Right now, I’m actually planning to read one of the three books that I borrowed for leisure because I wasn’t allowed to go to the camp. How stupid of my parents to not let me have this learning experience. Ughhh. And then, we have a lot of homework due next week and as you may have known, I am the queen of cramming but this time, I don’t feel like doing so. I don’t even think I could watch anime this weekend but I HOPE I can. It’s seriously boring without anime and you know it. Then again, without reality, everything would be a lot dull so I choose reality over fiction.

That, of course, doesn’t mean that I’m stopping myself from watching anime.


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