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WTF is happening with White Album?!

And even now the loli is in the harem?!

And even now the loli is in the harem?!

I know I don’t watch White Album but looking around different animeblogs I still see episode summaries of this show and my initial reaction would always be, o.O WTF?! I mean, harems can be good but this one’s out of control. He has like, 5 girls more or less who fauns over him. (I’d put Rina in exception first because to me, she isn’t being a bitch and mostly because she’s just a goddess)

To think that I was planning to watch this but now.. I just don’t get it anymore. It’s a waste of time for me.


White Album 08 – Seriously, is this show getting any progress AT ALL?

These few encounters makes me at least eager to watch out for it..

These few encounters makes me at least eager to watch out for it..

White Album is officially loosing it’s hopes of me watching it. I know some people feel like that too because imo, the plot is going nowhere. Add up the crazy harem this Touya has. The only motivation I get to watch this is hopes for seeing encounter between Rina and Touya. (I’m a hopeful fangirl, ain’t I~?)

I don’t really give a damn about how this story goes unless it actually doesn’t involve Rina anymore, Rina is queen! And she shall be forever! lol. Oh yeah, what the hell was Touya thinking kissing his girlfriend’s old & slutty manager? God, Touya!

White Album 2 – Rina is my second Utau-chan~

Yep. And this is how we like it.

Yep. And this is how we like it.

I can never seem to imagine myself writing a post about White Album. To be blunt, the only motivation I get to watch this show is Rina-sana! I actually kinda liked this episode because Rina got to meet Touya already. It just seems to confusing to me of whats happening around the show unless it involves Rina-sama~ And I noticed one thing, not only do they both have the same seiyuu but they’re actually alike in many special ways. Bitchy to those who are bitchy to them and very friendly to their friends and those who do good to them.

White Album 1 – Yuki is so not

See who the real goddess is...?

See who the real goddess is…?

Just started watching White Album and just by episode 1 I could say that Yuki is the stereotype naive and weak heroine. I just don’t like her at all. You know what..? The episode was really boring to me that I can’t understand what’s what, UNTIL Rina has screentime!

Like what other people say, she may be a bitch but she’s a good bitch. One that is always there for her friends. Seriously, this is just a quickpress so it’s very short so my conclusion is that I want Rina x Touya shipping than #$%^&* Yuki. *smile*


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