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Summer 2009 Anime Lineup

It’s finally that time of the year where Summer official starts. So what’s on my list? 😀

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Pandora Hearts chapter 18: “..Her being like that seems so dazzling to me, but sometimes.. it also makes me feel bitter.. but she’s warm”

Oh god GIL, you smexy little thing, you just captured my heart even more~

Because this chapter is important, I decided to make a post on it, yes? Oz x Alice FTW :3

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New Banners: harharhar >:3 Romance is in the air~

Hohoho~ Here’s  kitari-pyon with another set of banners~

(2 of which have been put up before already but wasn’t in a post and a new one ^w^)

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Otomen Gets a Live-Action Adaptation!

Source: ANN

According to ANN, the July issue has announced to the public that a Live-Action adaptation of the manga by Aya Kanno  has been green-lit and is now in the works. Exciting no? It’s also mentioned that the drama will premiere on August 1, this Summer.

The actors who would be playing the roles of the main characters will be Masaki Okada (as Asuka Masamune) and Kaho (as Ryo Miyakozuka).


Yipee~ I can’t wait! When we all thought that the special announcement would be about an anime adaptation, it’s actually a Live-Action one! Well, anime or LA, it doesn’t matter which. Hehe. 😆 Plus, don’t you think it’s nice for having more LA adaptations from time to time? I wish there’d be more. ^w^ Anyways, I really wonder how they’ll do this one. I was see Asuka in girly mode in the LA XP Where’s my Skip Beat! dorama, then!?

On the actors, I really really don’t think that they are the best choice for this (by looks) by I guess they’re alright – in a sense that seeing them wouldn’t make my blood boil on how unfitting they are for the role. Another thing is that.. will they make Asuka’s hair in the LA white-gray-ish too? It’s cool but I can’t help but lol everytime I see anime hair in LAs XDDD

I’m looking forward to know more about the live-action adaptation of Otomen and so as finding out who will play the roles of the other characters~ :3

lmao. I saw the news 2 days ago but I only had time now to make a post about it XP

What to love in K-On! ep. 08: Azusa! Azu-nyan! AZUSA~ [Pic Spammage!]

KOn_08_04.png picture by fireflylights

AZUSA!!!!!111!!!11oneone *glompage*

If there’s one thing to really love about this episode, you’ve got it right up there ^^

BEWARE: Pic Spammage!

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Weekly Anime: Black & White, Christmas and Angst…?

Isn't that such a cute scene~?

Screw the ugleh title XP I liked the episodes in today’s Weekly Anime! Haha. It’s like a whole serving of mega chocolate cake in front of me! Ohohoho~ I only had the chance to watch all these yesterday and today and I still have tons of animes to watch and catch-up on(Winter and Fall animes)! But still, these are my current loves~

Weekly Anime Includes:

  • Pandora Hearts ep. 07
  • Eden of the East ep. 06
  • Hatsukoi Limited ep. 06
  • K-On! ep. 07
  • Saki ep. 07

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100th post! :3

YAY! It’s the 100th post!

So what’s up with the 100th post? Hmm.. Nothing really, but aren’t 100th posts usually a celebration kind of post? Hehehe. So right now I’m being totally random. ^__^ Maybe you’re wondering, I’ve been blogging for um.. 4-5 months(including the period of hiatus) and I’m just at the 100th post!? I guess you could say that I am a lazy blogger.. and if I have little thoughts about something I usually post it in my twitter >w<  XDDD Also I believe since school is starting soon, I’m going to be cutting down the post.. *sigh*

Anyhow, I’ll be looking forward to still post about anime manga and maybe even new things.. well, like I always say, it’s up to my mood to decide that XP I have a lot of blog posts in mind but I never get to write them down properly because of distractions *blames Yi Jung ❤ and other addictions* Nyahahaha~ >:3

About the episodic post issue.. I really don’t know when I’ll be doing those again. Lately I’m just being a lazy gal and my thoughts are cut off so cut me some slack okay? 😀 So the weekly anime(which isn’t so weekly most of the time :P) and the manga corner are going to be seen for a while.

Again, YAY! for the 100th post~ <333 😆


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