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Fukushima Haruka’s Chocolate(Manga)

Chocolate by Haruka Fukushima

Source: ANN

On April 30, 2009, ANN puts up the new of Haruka Fukushima’s new manga serialization titled Chocolate (Chokoreito), to be released in the next issue of Nakayoshi(which is on June 3) after not-so long ago, having finished AAA and it having it’s fourth and last volume to be released on May 13.

Apparently, it will also be the cover illustration for said issue. ^_^

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Axis Powers: Hetalia Second Season Announced!

Yep, that’s right, a 26-episode second season of Hetalia is in the works and said to run sometime after the summer season.

I can’t believe it; another 26 episodes of Hetalia goodness! This has made my day when I heard about it and a feeling of overexcitement came to me. 😀 Surely I’ll be blogging this if I’m not busy since I’m the busiest person at Fall and Winter. XD

First Impressions – Hatsukoi Limited – “Have you been in love?”

Again, this is an example of a heart’s deep confusion and fright. *nods*

I don’t know how to express how much I was exited to watch and love Hatsukoi Limited! I vowed to watch this after I finished the manga so here I am now! lol. It’s kinda nostalgic when I watched the episode but it was still a fun and worthwile watch. Not regretting anything about Hatsukoi Limited at all.

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First Impressions – K-On!

You know, I just had to use this pic 😉

Here it is, my first Spring Anime! Big big sorry if this doesn’t look like a First Impression. *bows* This one’s not actually on my guaranteed list because the plot didn’t get me that interested therefore it was put on the Cute and Watching list.  Well, what do you expect? MOE.

My mind completely chaged after watching the episode. I just couldn’t care less about the plot. Yeah, it’s a show about 4 girls who makes a club about music.. yadda.. yadda.. yadda. So what? Throw in MOE, KyoAni, the bass and especially music and surely I’m in for that! *laugh* Actually the plot is nice too but it’s too bland.

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Spring Anime Lineup!

Finally, I’ve gotten myself to post my Spring Anime Lineup. XD I feel that I really shouldn’t be doing this because if you must know, I still have a lot of Fall and Winter Anime to catch-up on.(Doing that this week or next week ;D). It’s just that I can’t resist the tempatation of the Spring Animes.

I should say, the varities are pretty good and what I’ve picked really sound so interesting. I also can’t wait for Summer (two Kanae Ito shows~) but right now it’s Spring that I’m handling. Though I ain’t pretty sure if I’ll be able to finish my spring so easily because on June, (i’m sure some shows I’ve picked will exceed up to June), our classes start so I’m going to get busy.

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New April Banner Up!

It's PINK. My fave color~♥♪

It's PINK. My fave color~♥♪

I’ve finally gotten myself to make a very special banner – the April banner~! Why is it so special? Well it’s only because April is my birth month! That’s right, I’m getting a year older again on the 9th. It’s too bad I can’t actually celebrate it on that day because it’s Holy Thursday. I found the picture from Anna’s blog.

You know what? I really like this one because it’s PINK. My girlish and favorite color. >:D I’ve done extra effort on this one if you haven’t noticed. XDD

I don’t really know if it suits the theme because gawd is soooo limited. 😦 But that’s all that I have now..

Anyways, I really look forward for April! Plus, it’s our summer vacation! :3

American Idol Season 8: Top 10

American Idol Season 8: Top 10

American Idol Season 8: Top 10

That’s right, Kirapika(Kitari) is watching American Idol. (I’m a fan you know :PP)

Here’s what I think about the contestants(my favorites) and what I want to say to them if I get a chance to.

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