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Hatsukoi Limited 07: This is why ‘Honesty’ is a must in a relationship

While this ain’t exactly one of my favorite episodes as Dobashi and Terai are far from being my OTP for Hatsukoi Limited, interesting parts were included that made me enjoy it.

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Weekly Anime: Black & White, Christmas and Angst…?

Isn't that such a cute scene~?

Screw the ugleh title XP I liked the episodes in today’s Weekly Anime! Haha. It’s like a whole serving of mega chocolate cake in front of me! Ohohoho~ I only had the chance to watch all these yesterday and today and I still have tons of animes to watch and catch-up on(Winter and Fall animes)! But still, these are my current loves~

Weekly Anime Includes:

  • Pandora Hearts ep. 07
  • Eden of the East ep. 06
  • Hatsukoi Limited ep. 06
  • K-On! ep. 07
  • Saki ep. 07

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Weekly Anime: “Frau’s pornos never fail to amuse little boys” (part 1)


Haha. I loved that! XD Anyways, Weekly Anime is back! Why? Because.. well, because it’d be more awesome if it’s like that! lmao.

Weekly Anime includes:

-07-Ghost ep. 05

-Eden of the East ep. 05

-Hatsukoi Limited ep. 05

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Hatsukoi Limited 03


So this was the episode that made me go ‘:O’ in the manga. I tell you, an episode with Kusuda is a funny episode. Speaking of which, the later part of this episode was hell lot of LOLing because of him. XD It was a great episode that makes you want to go ‘Awww~’ because the interactions between these two can’t be helped but be laughed at. It’s as if they have this connection. But meh.

I think Kei has a problem with people. Likely, her expectations are set too high that she doesn’t take notice of the normally good things that she has arround her. Well, you can’t complain if that’s her type but it’s not healthy. I mean, have you ever seen such a perfect guy? We’re all just humans, God!

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First Impressions – Hatsukoi Limited – “Have you been in love?”

Again, this is an example of a heart’s deep confusion and fright. *nods*

I don’t know how to express how much I was exited to watch and love Hatsukoi Limited! I vowed to watch this after I finished the manga so here I am now! lol. It’s kinda nostalgic when I watched the episode but it was still a fun and worthwile watch. Not regretting anything about Hatsukoi Limited at all.

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