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Weekly Manga – “A Marriage Interview!?”


I know. It’s been a while since I’ve made a weekly manga post because I haven’t been doing that much manga reading. Blame it on the various animes that I’m watching, I should really cut some slack. So recently, I was able to find really good (shoujo) mangas to read. Yeah, I’m crazy for the romance genre. Kill me now.

Manga Series included here:

  • Shouri no Akuma ch. 2
  • Shugo Chara ch. 40
  • Love Berrish ch. 8
  • Kimi to Koi ni Ochiru Mahou de ch. 4-5(end)

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Shugo Chara! Doki! ep. 76 – Purple + Ikuto = hawt [but sad..]



I know he was supposed to be all blank but I didn’t expect Satelight to make it this hawt good sad to look at!

Seeing this animated is good because it adds more suspense feeling of what will happen next but also, seeing this animated makes me pity Ikuto 100x than I did when I read the manga. (Imagine how much sadness I had back then..) 😦  Gehh.  He deserves happiness, nyaa~  I’m too sad to even mind the other things happening in this episode so I can’t say much..

But to be on the positive side of things, episode 77, although it might still have appearances of Death Rebel, is pretty fun based on the preview. HA. The awaited shower scene, they being busted by Mama and Tadase finding out about it. Isn’t that just fun? 😀

My Fall Anime Progress Report

I could say, I’ve been very busy this Fall since it’s the 3rd quarter already in our school gawd we have a lot of things to be busy, worried, enthusiastic about. So, I don’t usually have the time to watch some of the Fall Animes that I chose to watch for particular reasons. Well, no one can blame me for being busy right? And the Fall has a lot of great animes! *laughs*

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